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Stand Out in the Crowd: How to Make Your Content Shine

Stand Out in the Crowd: How to Make Your Content Shine

Publishing quality content is an important part of becoming successful online, but how do you stand out from the rest of the content available? The Internet is a big place, and separating your own content from content that is similar to yours is often difficult to accomplish. For that extra pop that changes the same-old content into something new, consider incorporating some of these ideas:

Share an Infographic

Infographics are an appealing way of dispensing information because of their readability. A great infographic melds quality content with visual appeal, which makes it more widely read than large walls of text.

Infographics function in much the same way as traditional content. Keywords can be incorporated into the title for better optimization,and producing solid, interesting content is important to their success. Unlike normal content, infographics are inherently shareable. With a little bit of luck a quick upload to Facebook, Twitter or Pintrest will have them whipping around social media networks.

Make it Mobile

It’s shocking that more websites haven’t embraced a mobile interface yet. With over 50% of mobile users accessing Internet sites on their phone, it puts websites at a distinct disadvantage when they don’t provide users with a neat, clean mobile-friendly interface to access their information. Stripped of ads and excess design, mobile websites present neat content with no fluff and filler, giving content providers a chance to provide quality information to their users in a unique format.

Tell a Story

Stories are compelling; they not only capture reader interest, but also provide a framework to guide and engage the reader through a situation. It helps readers understand the challenges and the solution in a simplistic way without belittling them. By giving content a face, the message is perceived more easily and becomes ingrained in the reader’s mind. Make your content memorable with a story.


Content needs to be revisited. Whether it’s updates with new information or new lessons learned about the subject, updating content gets readers coming back for more. Single out some articles that can be updated semi-frequently. Whether it’s weekly, monthly or annually, updated information not only keeps your content at the top of the search engine, it also provides a valuable service for your readers. Those invested in the topic don’t need to search out new sites for updates; they come back to you.

Become an Expert

Whether your content is based on traveling the world or carving wooden dolls, there’s something in what you do that you know better than anyone else in the field. Cultivating that knowledge and distributing it to your user base can establish your expertise and find new audiences to share your experience and trials. Focus on a specific niche community and expose them to your content and message.

Go Viral

Relentless focus on SEO can make content stale. Shake it up and do something off the wall with your content. It is this kind of innovativeness that causes things to go viral. Breaking away from the mindless production of SEO content and doing something completely different presents your message to a whole new audience and can re-inspire your content with new ideas.

Tinker with Tweets

Catching your audience’s interest is the key to building a solid fan base. One of the best ways to get new users is to create snappy, clickable headlines. Start an experiment on Twitter or Facebook by presenting content with different headlines and descriptions. Determining what works for your audience and what doesn’t is valuable information that will ultimately result in more users getting access to your content.

Reach Out

Networking is as important in real life as it is online. Guest and cross posting can bring your message to a new audience and help provide more quality content on your own site. Sharing audiences is a great way to build a bigger network and online community.

Don’t let your content get stale. Innovating your message and content to appeal to a wider audience is imperative for growth and domination in your niche. Attempt to make a viral message or team up with a graphic artist to learn more about producing infographics. Whatever you do, make sure your content is as unique as your message.

Ken Myers is a father, husband, and entrepreneur. He has combined his passion for helping families find in-home care with his experience to build a business. Learn more about him by visiting @KenneyMyers on Twitter.

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