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Five Ways to Improve Your Office Car Park

Five Ways to Improve Your Office Car Park

When it comes to business property we often think about the indoor spaces, but don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about those outdoors. This makes sense as we do spend a lot of our time in buildings… but think about all of the possibilities left unexplored! Consider your office for a moment. Does the outside space ‘wow’ your employees as they come in to work in the morning? If not, there is a whole list of things that you could do to improve the space.

If you are wondering why you would want to do this; remember that your employees are the most important asset to your business. You should never rest on your laurels, and always anticipate that people might be looking for somewhere better elsewhere. Small things can make all of the difference to your staff, so start getting inventive and creative with what you do.

Here are five ways to improve your car park and outside space in order to really impress your employees, visitors, competitors and investors…

Resurface it

Bumpy car parks do no good things to the suspension on a motor vehicle, so don’t let your own be a culprit for damage. A resurfacing job could go a long way to making the arrival at the office a little more bearable for many people on a Monday morning, especially if there are clearly defined spaces and a sensible layout for people to follow.

Nominate spaces

Speaking of car parking spaces, could you nominate places to specific employees so they know exactly where to park each day? By numbering spaces you will be able to stop people from fighting over their favourite spaces (which generally end up being those closest to the front door). You can also stop people from parking in visitor parking areas by using various types of bollards.

Plant shrubbery

Sometimes all you need to do is put a bit of colour into the surroundings, and this is best done by planting shrubbery within the grounds. Look at plants that are easy to care for throughout the year, or employ a gardener to take care of everything.

Bicycle friendly

Not everyone will commute by car, so make sure you remember those that travel by bicycle. People who do this will want somewhere safe and robust to store their bikes so they don’t get stolen by trespassers or people passing by. There are various types of bike racks you can look at, so do a bit of research to identify the best option for your place of work.

Security conscious

Finally, is there a way that you can make your office car park more secure? People do not want to worry about their car or bike when they are inside working, so do the best job possible to make sure the car park is protected from the world outside. A secure car park also means a safer internal workforce. Perhaps you should think about getting electric gates that can only be opened with a fob. Alternatively you could have a security officer at the entrance who can admit cars and workers to the premises.

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