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Working In Restaurants: Different Jobs to Consider

Working In Restaurants: Different Jobs to Consider

There are so many restaurants all over the UK; they range from buzzing pizza chains to exclusive brasseries hidden down cobbled alleyways. That means that there is so much potential when it comes to a potential career in the hospitality trade! Every restaurant needs good staff members to make each service run like clockwork; could you be one of the people that really makes a difference to a team? If you’ve been considering a job in a restaurant, you might be trying to decide which role would be most suited to you. Here are a few suggestions to make your choice that little bit easier:

Waiter / waitress

The waiting staff will have the most contact with diners, so you will need to be a people person to do this job justice. Customers have high expectations when they are eating out and parting with their cash, and you will be a large part of their experience. They will want to be attended to, but without being hassled, and they certainly don’t want to be forgotten about. You’ll need to work on getting the right balance, and when you do you might find that you get better tips. Learn to carry plates and dishes masterfully and you’ll be on to something. Waiting staff jobs are regularly advertised so have a look online to find something close to you.

Cloakroom assistant

Upmarket restaurants will often have a cloakroom so customers don’t need to leave their coats on their chairs. Perhaps you could look for a role as a cloakroom assistant if you think you have the organisational skills and the friendly attitude to do the job well. There won’t be as many of these jobs advertised, but if you do stumble across an opportunity it could be the start of your career in the hospitality trade.

Head chef / sous chef

If your talents lie firmly in the kitchen, why don’t you make a career out of it? Restaurants are constantly on the lookout for new team members for the kitchen, the most prestigious being a head chef or a sous chef. You will need to have had experience doing cooking under pressure before, as well as certificates verifying your skills. Have a look at the sous chef jobs on to find out exactly what you will need to get a job offer.

Kitchen porter

For those who are still interested in kitchen work but haven’t got any qualifications in the trade, you could start at the bottom and work your way up. Many chefs have chosen this route to prove their worth in a stressful environment, so putting in the hours can make a big difference to your future. As a kitchen porter you would do tasks assigned to you by the head chef; a lot of it will be rinsing down plates and loading them into the washer, but you could also get the opportunity to prepare some vegetables in a busy service.

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