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Business Conferences to Attend in the Second Half of 2014

Business Conferences to Attend in the Second Half of 2014

Entrepreneurs lead busy lives and prioritization is more crucial for them than it is for most people. For that reason, they tend to bury themselves in their daily tasks, ensuring that business is running smoothly and they’re saving enough room for their personal lives. For many, attending business conferences isn’t even something that crosses their minds.

In truth, attending business conferences can be the best way to learn skills that can streamline an entrepreneur’s day-to-day processes. They’re a great place to make connections which could help to improve advertising efforts, boost sales, and further the reach of word-of-mouth about a brand.

For entrepreneurs that didn’t get a chance to attend a conference in the first half of 2014 and are now reconsidering, it’s not too late – here are a few that are coming up that you might not want to miss.


The Event: Forbes’ Under 30 Summit
When/Where: October 19-22, Philadelphia
Who Should Attend: Entrepreneurs under 30

The Under 30 Summit, hosted by Forbes, goes hand in hand with the same publication’s “30 Under 30” list in which they feature up-and-coming, young entrepreneurs with promising ideas. At this summit, young entrepreneurs can collaborate with the best in their industries to share ideas, seek mentoring, attend panel discussions, enter contests, and simply get their names out there.


The Event: INBOUND
When/Where: September 15-18, Boston
Who Should Attend: Any entrepreneur looking for inspiration, networking opportunities, and the chance to share their passion

INBOUND is a big hit every year, and luckily, this one hasn’t passed yet. It’s a conference centered about improving inbound marketing, but even if improving your inbound efforts isn’t your goal, there’s plenty to take away from this event. Thousands of marketing and sales professionals from around the world gather at the event to learn the biggest trends across different industries, discover the latest innovations, attend inspiring keynote talks, listen to panel discussions, and simply mingle with inspirational thought leaders.


The Event: WSJ.D
When/Where: October 27-29, Laguna Beach
Who Should Attend: Entrepreneurs involved with or interested in technology

Technology is such a broad and all-encompassing term, used in business to discuss anything from Google’s complex algorithms to VoIP phone systems to calculators. For that reason, hardly any entrepreneur can claim that this expo isn’t relevant to him or her. This Wall Street Journal-hosted conference is, self-proclaimed, “Where the digital world connects,” and attendees can gather to hear discussions from the SVP of Google, the CEO of Waze, the CEO of DreamWorks, and many other gargantuan figures in the tech world. It’s an amazing opportunity to see how small ideas got these entrepreneurs where they are as well as to find out which technology could be a game-changer for your business.


The Event: Social Media for Customer Service Summit
When/Where: October 22-23, NYC
Who Should Attend: Entrepreneurs interested in how social media fits into customer service

It’s impossible to get around the fact that social media is an essential aspect of reaching out to current, potential, and future customers. It’s a way for our target audiences to engage with us in real time. We can use it to let them know about a new product, answer a concern they may have, offer special deals, and so much more. The cloud based phone system is one positive way of communicating to local businesses and connecting to social media. If you’ve yet to implement a social media strategy or want to improve your company’s existing one, this is the conference for you.

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