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17 Reasons Why Crowd funding is Better Than Government Grants To Start A Business

17 Reasons Why Crowd funding is Better Than Government Grants To Start A Business

Now, entrepreneurs enjoy a better shot at raising funds and furthering their ideas into reality. They find that the dependence on government grants is no longer a necessity. All they have to do to is to take advantage of the new free money on the internet – called crowd funding. And this initiative is propounded by The Question Mark Guy – Matthew Lesko.

Lesko should know what it takes to raise funds. The Question Mark Guy has been into this for more than 2.5 decades – exhorting people to kick-start business initiatives and change their lives for the better. And, the best part is that, it doesn’t seem like he’s selling anything this time – it is a free program.

Lesko counts out 17 reasons why the new free money on the internet is much better than government grants:

1) No Credit Check Necessary

2) No Income Requirements

3) No Complicated Grant Applications

4) No Partners, Investors, Bankers Telling You What To Do

5) No Special Expertise, Background or Education Required

6) No Need For Accountants, Lawyers or Grant Writers

7) No Limits On How Much, Or How Little, You Can Request,

8) No Downside… It Cost You Nothing If You Fail and You Don’t Get Anyone Angry At You But YOU

9) Get Your Money In 60 Days

10) Get Money Before You Put Money Into Making Your Product

11) Get A Better Chance That Your Application Will Be Successful…. Up To 44% to 80%

12) Get Paid Customers Before You Have A Product To Ship

13) Get Free Publicity, Notoriety and Distributors Around The World Will Want To Sell For You

14) Get Undeniable Proof You Have A Winning Idea Without Wasting Money On Market Studies and Surveys

15) Get Money For Any Reason: Business, Non-Profit, Invention, Education, Pleasure or Help Yourself or Others Pay Bills

16) Go Back For More Money Over and Over Again

17) This Will Be Bigger Than Government Grants… One Website Already Gives out More Free Money to Artists Than the U.S. Government’s National Endowment of the Arts.

Interesting right? To learn more about getting free money on the internet and other free sources of money, sign up for Matthew Lesko’s FREE VIDEOS at:

About Matthew Lesko:

Matthew Lesko (born May 11, 1943) is an American author, self-proclaimed federal grant researcher, and infomercial personality. He has written more than twenty books telling people how to get money from the United States government. He is popularly known as “that question mark guy” for the Riddler-like suits that he wears in his television commercials, infomercials, interviews, and in his everyday life.

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