Top Tips for Successful Trade Show Exhibition

Top Tips for Successful Trade Show Exhibition

Everybody who is anybody in the business or attempts to become somebody should attend the trade show exhibitions that are relevant for the type of business they are in. However, it is not enough simply to apply for the position and the attendance on this sort of show. You need to explore all the ways to make it worth your while and only then to invest in presentation at those kinds of trade shows. Here are the things that you mustn’t avoid if you want your exhibition to be successful.

Announce It

It is natural that you are excited about your exhibition at a trade show, but it is highly unlikely that other people, including your clients know about it. Therefore, make an announcement with precise location of your stand and the dates and times when people should visit you. Emails, social networks and other means of announcement are essential here.

Plan It Well

Plan just how much money you want to spend on the exhibition and how you want to spend it. Mark the goal of your exhibition so that you can make the plans of your attendance there, the way your stand is about to look and who will be there at all times. Exhibition that attracts new customers is different than the one that is made to create new business partnerships, so be aware of that.

Be Active While There

Whatever you do, don’t just stand there. Make leaflets, promotional gifts and other smart marketing perks. Use promotional water bottles a really good promotional gift as they will be useful for the visitors since going around the trade show is exhausting and having a bottle of water is always welcome. If it is cool design, people will keep it, together with your logo on it.

Take a Good Spot

It is very important that you have a good place for your stand. Corner stands are the best and the most visible ones. If you have the means that the budget for them, make sure that you get them. Needless to say, it is best if you can hire a real designer to create the best stand possible, but you can do a pretty good work yourself, so make sure that the budget anticipates these things.

Follow Up

Trade show is not over when the trade show ends. The follow up on these is very important, perhaps just as important as the show itself. You need to make a list of people and business clients that you plan on contacting later and going through with the talks and chats you had during the show. When the show ends, start calling them or contacting them one by one. Initiate the talks and you’ll land a new business chance.

Last and not the least important thing you need to know about the show is that you shouldn’t do it all by yourself, especially if it lasts many days. Hire help so that you can do your best where it counts.

About Author : Sophie is a marketing consultant at Source Direct, company which offers different types of promotional products such as custom water bottles. Sophie enjoys writing and sharing her experience.

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