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Role of Customers In The Jigsaw Of Business

Role of Customers In The Jigsaw Of Business

Why do you do business? You work so hard every day with an aim to grow and grow even more. Burning the midnight oil, you take care of everything in order to reach perfection. You know working well means greater profits, wider reach and a better growth. To achieve these goals you are doing all the jigsaw arrangements of life. But, what unique are you doing? Everybody is running behind better profits and working hard to reach perfection. But, is it only the perfection that people want from you?

Sometimes, when a product is produced, it is not liked by the audience but still the producer loves it. The creator always loves its creation. But, when you are in an industry to produce goods for others. One needs to produce it as per the requirement and the liking of the audience. Otherwise, your product and company, may fail, for that matters. Understand the needs of your target group and what they want from you.

Valuing The Customer Voice:

The most important of all is listening to your customers. When you listen to your customers two good things happen:

Areas of Improvement:

The company gets a chance to understand its areas of improvement. While listening, you may get across some super duper idea which may have the potential to create buzz in the market. You understand your audience’s choice in a broader way. Opening more options for growth.

Builds Trust

Listening to your audience builds trust over them. They feel closer to your company, in getting their wishes fulfilled . An attachment with the organization is established which makes the company a brand. A name they can suggest to friends.

Getting heard In Business

It is the recognition that you need which helps you to stand out from the crowd. Keeping your god happy, makes you rich by default. And, in business customers are god. If you know how to take care of them, you are already taking good care of yourself. Uservoice is the next big thing in providing the best customer support facilities.

It is easy to provide support in offline media but, when we talk about globalisation, it has to be prompt and worldwide. Thanks to E-Commerce which has helped us to be on toes all the time. This has taken the overall system of customer care a step ahead.

New Voice In The Market

Further, technology has advanced it to the next step by introduction of customer support service, such as uservoice. If we look at it from business growth point of view it is great, if we see it from customer care point of view it is great and if we look at it as an aid to support system, again it is great. It is so great because it has everything that the era today needs.

What Is Uservoice

Uservoice is a customer support service which is way ahead than just a help desk. It has umpteen numbers of functions covering almost all roles of customer support centre. One can automate the functions reducing the work of support centre and managing all the data in a well mannered way. It has a great design with simple & easy to use interface. Many companies like MSG91 and Giddh are using it successfully right now.

How is it useful for your customers

  • Customers can directly visit the company’s official uservoice page to submit their idea/suggestion or any problem.
  • It is quick and easy.
  • Instant customer support.
  • Free of cost.
  • Users get a full track of what is going on with their opinion. If it is under consideration, in process of implementation, or in action.

How is it useful for you:

  • You get many new ideas to enhance, which you might have missed otherwise.
  • You can prioritise your new features to develop by the voting feature.
  • Your support system gets more systematic. By category wise distribution of opinions.
  • You can directly send the related query to the expert on that subject.
  • One single interface works as a feedback forum, knowledge base, and a place to support tickets.
  • You can have the entire data metrics.
  • You can manage all the contacts of the people enquiring.

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