Commercial Security Systems – A Necessity of Modern Times

Commercial Security Systems – A Necessity of Modern Times

Would you leave your credit card at your grocery store only to pick it up the next day? Or would you be comfortable leaving the front door to your home ajar overnight? Then why would you leave your business vulnerable to vandals, squatters, burglars or other intruders day after day?

Today’s commercial spaces not only have a multitude of people consisting of employees, vendors and other stakeholders, but also house expensive equipment, vehicles and infrastructure along with critical business data. One of the imperatives of modern businesses is therefore maintaining the safety, integrity and security of office spaces. Often traditional forms of providing security using simple padlocks and chains or dedicated personnel prove inadequate against sophisticated, planned or often unconventional attacks. The lack of trained personnel and the high costs to recruit such staff is another disadvantage.

Commercial security systems can address several aspects of safety. These integrated systems usually have a professional appearance including positioning of lights linked to motion sensors. These sensors along with the logos of your security provider in key locations around your premises often act as first deterrents for potential intruders. The presence of a protection system is also a positive input for many insurers. There may be several other elements that constitute the ideal protection tool for your business, but that would require a careful analysis of your needs.

Understanding the key assets of your business that would need protection will help you identify the type of security system best suited to your needs. Some of the questions that you should answer when scouting for an ideal system include:

  • Do you need to secure access to your premises or specific areas within your office?
  • Are you prone to natural disasters or calamities?
  • Do you experience high personnel movement and need to identify staff and employees from others?
  • Are the areas around your office prone to intrusions or have any other vulnerability like dark or desolate spots, heavy green cover or heavy or very sparse vehicular traffic etc.?
  • Do you have very expensive machinery, equipment, vehicles or other infrastructure in your office space?
  • Do you need to protect confidential documentation whether in paper or paperless formats?
  •  Do the timings of your office demand any additional security coverage for your employees?
  • How far are you from protection agencies like the police etc.?
  • How much are you willing to spend on the protection needs of your business?

Depending on your needs, there are a few basic building blocks of a small business security system.

  •  Wireless surveillance cameras: are great tools for both securing the outer perimeters of your offices and even within smaller spaces to protect confidential areas, entry and exit etc. These cameras can be positioned strategically to give you a wider landscape of movement which can be monitored remotely.
  • Alarm systems: can be linked to several entry, exit, access points. Fire detectors, smoke detectors, unauthorized access or forced entries will not only trigger alarms in the premises, but also send signals to protection agencies and the security provider.
  • Intercom systems: can be simple facilities or ones that come equipped with video and can be installed on the doors as well. Depending on the extent of paging and varying levels of security, you can choose the configuration.

Modern-day security systems can be customized to meet your specific needs and within your budgets. All it takes is a keen analysis to identify your key business assets and then choosing the right tools to secure the future of your commercial ventures.

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