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How New Standing Desk Can Increase Productivity

How New Standing Desk Can Increase Productivity

You may be thinking “How is possible to get anything done with it”, but the new standing desks are the most innovative business addition to the offices of leading companies. The giants like Google and Facebook have also incorporated it into the daily fiber of job performing.

In Google, any employee can join the so-called wellness program and benefit health wise from it. Facebook has around 300 workers who have switched to standing desk for medical purposes and have expressed the thrill and excitement after having the chance to utilize this functional newcomer. Their experience is that it keeps everyone energetic and eliminates the midday drop in productivity. Other firms have installed the stations in the boardrooms as they have noticed it facilitates the distribution of ideas among its users.

The bravest of executives have challenged themselves to work on treadmill equipped stations, and they have hundreds of productive miles behind them. However, the critics have called the standing desk the newest fashion addition of the Silicon Valley office furniture. We are here to set the record straight and show how standing tables are not just the fad of the year but a significant contribution to the overall efficiency of one company’s employees.

The group of business incubators have decided to see for themselves what’s the true behind this furnishing novelty. They have decided to take the scientific approach and calculate performance in terms of health benefits, output levels, focus and functionality. We are here to convey their experience and comments straight from the horse’s mouth.

Undoubtable Rise

To make everything surgically precise, the testers have designed an application to regularly measure the productivity versus time relation, as well as standing versus sitting hours dominance. The final results concluded that new standing workstations have yielded a rise in productivity of 10% compared to the traditional desk and chair combination. One of the sterling features they found out was the adjustable height that could be set to fit the 90° angle perfect for bent arms rest.


This one was an obvious winner, since everybody reported improvement in focus to job. The standing position naturally propels you to speed up and for that, concentrate some more. It’s ideal for the tasks requiring a series of predictable steps. The setbacks multitasking creates is fully extinguished. The tasks are finished one at a time, and provide an awesome sense of achievement.


The examiners genuinely felt a power-up during the working day. The levels of energy were constant throughout the day and the food drowsiness was masterfully evaded. No distractions come to mind and the eyes get less tired.


Apart from avoiding the blood accumulating in your lower limbs and preventing thrombosis, the standing desk have reportedly beaten the headache of programmers who tend to sit over eight hours a day. They have finally found the relief after so much hardship with the sole use of sitting desks. Amazingly, one of the testers states that the standing station helped him stop smoking, as shifting from foot to foot reduced frustration and anxiety of urges.

Prudent Investment

Don’t follow the outdated disposition of US and UK to treat the office furnishing essentials as a minor issue. Invest in a couple of standing desks for starters to be able to witness its originality in the field of office productivity with your own eyes.

Summed Up

Going back to history, we find out that even great men like Winston Churchill made it work. Give it an honest try, and you’ll soon reap the benefits of its ingenious design.

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