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5 Steps to Make Your Small Business Look Bigger

Size matters. We are talking about your business of course. Your company size matters. Do you agree? From a business perspective, customers and suppliers are more likely to trust big brands because they are often perceived as more reliable than smaller ones. Generally speaking, large companies generate an increased sense of confidence and credibility.

Let’s put it this way… Starting a garage business can be a piece of cake for some entrepreneurs, but will that business be able to grow and hire employees over the next few years? Let’s face reality: you are working hard to create a strong impact from the first rung of the ladder. So, what can help you climb to the top? The answer is simple: Fake it until you make it. In other words, make your small business look bigger.

Get a VoIP Phone System

Effective business communication is one of the top priorities. It should be made clear that VoIP phone systems are not designed just for large companies; they can suit small, midsized and large businesses as well. If you are looking for a great entry phone system, take a look at what I chose for my office.

A VoIP phone system can benefit your business in many ways, but here is how it will make it look like big company:

  • Remarkable customer support. The auto attendant feature will quickly transfer your clients to the desired extension.
  • Cost Savings. A VoIP phone system can reduce your phone bill in half and get low-cost international calling rates.
  • Flexibility. You can hire remote workers who can provide customer support in multiple languages and your staff can work from home.

Build a Strong Social-Media Presence

What is an ideal communication channel between you and your customer? As stated by Hubspot, 92% of all marketers indicated that their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their businesses than other options. Social media presence is definitely no longer optional; it is the must-have “ingredient” for successful businesses. Social networks enable you to create brand awareness, enhance trustworthiness and engage customers.

Design a Great-Looking and User-Driven Website

Is investing on a website really worth it? Don’t overthink it, of course it is. Particularly, if you are a small business owner, an attractive website will give your prospects more confidence. Consider these factors when designing a brilliant and effective website:

  1. Users don’t read the overall text; they scan information. Bullet points and images may be helpful.
  1. Tell users what to do next. In other words, guide them. Make the user experience as easy as possible.
  1. The primary goal of your website design should be: Keeping it simple.
  1. Provide an intuitive design, a clear message and easy navigation.

Don’t underestimate the Power of Business Cards

Printed marketing materials are not out fashion. You might be thinking that since we live in a digital era, business cards may not be as effective as before. However, the overwhelming world of online advertising allows us to appreciate the real value of business cards. They are memorable advertising tools that help your small businesses look professional, if designed correctly.

Get a Corporate Mailing Address

Set up a corporate address through an office-sharing program, PO box address or mailbox service. There is nothing wrong with a home-based business address, but honestly, getting a corporate mailing address will help you gain reputation and credibility.

We hope you find this information useful. What else can help your small business look like a big company? Share your comments with us!

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