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4 Steps to Take Your Business Global

4 Steps to Take Your Business Global

Doing business around the world can seem daunting. But there is a myriad of businesses that make go global without even leaving the office. The benefits of competing overseas go beyond profitability. Going global can help you gain competitive knowledge, diversify your niche markets and more.

But how are some business owners able to conquer international markets? The answer is simple: technology! Cutting-edge technology has opened the doors for companies of any size to compete globally. Modern tablets like the ones offered by Samsung or HP, thousands of apps for Android and iPhone, great VoIP options like the ones provided by VoIP Now or RingSky are just a few examples.

Are you ready to take off? Here are four technologies that will help you take your business global:

Get a Cloud PBX Service

Does your business need an affordable and feature-rich business phone that can work from anywhere? Basically, this is exactly what a cloud hosted PBX offers. Whether you are setting up multiple locations, hiring remote workers or traveling constantly; a reliable hosted PBX can give your business great benefits including, scalability, flexibility and enhanced productivity.

Hosted PBX is user-friendly and, best of all, the service is administered and maintained on the cloud by your service provider.

SEO Matters

How can you approach your customers these days? Going door-to-door to find new customers is an old-fashion way to present your business. Instead, a must-have channel to show your business is your website, which can attract or turn away potential customers. You need to stay visible to the public so people are able to find you. As SEO is crucial to your online success, it is one of the most popular trends this year.

Search Engine Optimization is becoming more important than ever before. By optimizing your website, search engine spiders will give you greater visibility or make you virtually invisible. Bear in mind that the process of optimization is not a one-time process it requires updates, maintenance and continuous monitoring.

Online Marketing is Key

When entering a new market, you may face language and cultural barriers. How would you engage new customers if you do not know their interests? Before venturing into a new geographical market you need to have a good grasp of your target country, culture and audience.

You need to experiment and identify what works better for your customers and your business. There are hundreds of marketing methods that can get your business noticed; for example you can upload YouTube videos or write high-quality articles about your business and get them published in popular magazines – all you need is time and a pinch of creativity to put them in motion.

Get In Tune With Social Media

Social media improves your web presence. A dynamic business interacts with customers and provides user-driven information. What a better platform than social networks to do it. Have you wondered what are the largest social networks? In a new report from BI Intelligence compiled a list of the largest social networks in the world. These are the top five:

  1. Facebook (1.15 billion monthly active users)
  2. YouTube (1 billion monthly active users)
  3. Qzone (712 million total users)- China
  4. Sina Weibo (500 million total users)- China
  5. Whatsapp (350 million monthly active users)

Guess what social network holds sixth place? Google Plus. You may have thought of Twitter or Instagram, haven’t you? Do not choose one social media channel over the other; keep up a rich online presence through the most popular social networking sites.

We hope this information comes in handy. What other methods helped you grow your business internationally? We appreciate you share your thoughts with us.

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