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Business owner’s guide: How to find a perfect employee

Business owner’s guide: How to find a perfect employee

Looking for a perfect employee? This can be a very difficult task, especially if you are too busy with your work to spend your precious time looking for one. You can be very good, and even the best at what you do, but in order to really succeed you will need the best staff to support you.

Many successful people may have started alone, but when business starts to grow you can no longer manage everything by yourself. At that point you need to make the best choice for you and your company. A good employee can contribute the great deal to your business and make it grow even better and faster, while bad one can really slow things down and even regress you.


To find the best employee for yourself you will need a set of qualities that a person needs to posses in order to earn a place by your side. We will give you some qualities that you would want for your potential employee to have, they are also called the “7 C’s”. You want him or her to be competent for the job, capable, compatible, to have commitment to the work place, to have a good character and culture in order to successfully interact with other people, either customers or other staff, and the last but not the least, your employee needs to be satisfied with compensation package that is offered to him or her in order to perform well and feel appreciated.

Special code

You would want to add a special code or a hashtag to your employee requirement application and put it somewhere in the middle of the description. Say something like “be sure to include #iwantthisjob in your cover letter” or “use the word ‘coconut’ randomly in your cover letter”. This way you will immediately be able to distinguish serious candidates from the ones that are just blasting out their cover letters and did not even bother to read your description thoroughly. They are not taking it seriously and are probably not right candidates for you.


When interviewing candidates you would want to use some kind of test. Type of the test should depend on what you are looking for from your candidates. Do they need to work alone and manage sorts of different challenging situations, do they need to become a part of the team, do they need great concentration if working with a lot of details etc. Adopt your test to your requirements. Ask them what would they to in a specific situation and make sure your test is unique so there is no way that they could have prepared for it.

Recruitment process outsourcing

Recruitment process outsourcing or RPO is a way of hiring where employer transfers all or part of its recruitment activities to an external service provider. It is a great way of hiring if you don’t have the time to do it yourself or if you are looking to hire people from other countries. This way of hiring will save you a lot of time, like the time you would spent to hire someone, and also the time you would lose if the candidate you chose is not suitable for your job. This is certainly safer and cheaper way of hiring and it is becoming more popular every day. For example RPO in Sydney has reached great popularity and numerous companies are more than satisfied. They say that this is the future of hiring.

Hiring a new employee can be very stressful, but be sure you give them a proper chance to prove themselves and have faith in your ability to make the right choice.

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