Business Tips: How Alternative Accommodation can Cut Business Trip Costs

Business Tips: How Alternative Accommodation can Cut Business Trip Costs

There is no doubt that a large amount of the business trip budget goes towards the accommodation. When multiple staff members are required to travel somewhere for work purposes, it is easy to see how the costs can skyrocket. One of the main reasons for the large accommodation bill is the fact that people tend to ignore alternative accommodation options, opting to simply find the nearest hotel and send their people there. These hotels are usually designed for visitors with deep pockets, making it rather difficult for smaller businesses to afford to send their staff.

Thankfully though, alternative accommodation has a great deal to offer, making the trips feel that much more economical. There is a large array of accommodation options, such as guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels outside of the city centre and even corporate-styled apartments. These places are available at a fraction of the price of most mainstream hotels, making them the perfect place to stay on a budget business trip abroad. Here are some of the most attractive benefits to choosing this approach.

Cheaper Eating

Having to have breakfast at a hotel each morning is guaranteed to come at a price, with the spread of food usually being rather disappointing. Spending your nights in one of the friendly guesthouses nearby is not only cheaper, but also offers a much more personalised visit, often with a local spin thrown in. I recently had to travel to Paris and chose to stay in one of the quaint Parisian holiday rentals, where I was treated to a number of traditional French breads each morning.

Staying slightly outside of the main city centre also allows you to explore the town that you are in, looking for a cosy local tavern to have dinner. These taverns are designed for locals and visitors alike, making their prices much more reasonable.

Finding Specials

Thanks to the fact that there is generally a large selection to choose from, you will often find that certain places offer some decent specials in an attempt to attract customers. Spending a few minutes each day searching the internet for specials is a great way to save some money. Keeping your eye on deal-of-the-day type websites, such as Groupon, also provides some great specials to make your life easier.

Booking in Bulk

If a large number of staff members have to travel together, alternative accommodation options often offer certain added bonuses for booking in bulk. Free in-room Wi-Fi, food and beverage discounts or even lowered rates can be offered, allowing you to make the most out of your time abroad.

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