Up your biz security – before it’s too late

Up your biz security – before it’s too late

You’re counting more cash than Scrooge McDuck, handing out more bonuses than bankers during a financial crisis and riding more waves of success than a surfer hanging-five for life – but while your bank balance might be safe, can you say the same about your workplace?

Indeed, security on your premises is a factor that’s easy to ignore when you’ve got clients to keep happy. But with thousands of incidents of burglary, vandalism and arson occurring across the UK, you’ve got to get on the security case.

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways that you can make your business more secure than Fort Knox. Have a look.

Fight fire with flooring

You’ve got a hustling, bustling warehouse with a massive mezzanine floor to match. But with the wrong kind of protection, a fire could tear it all down with the speed of piranhas through a lump of meat.

For true security, you’ll need mezzanine floor fire protection that could contain flames until the emergency services arrive. While smaller mezzanines don’t legally require fire protection, always bear in mind the motto, “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”

So don’t let flames ruin your profits – invest in the best.

Hire an eagle eye

You can have all the fancy gadgets and hi-tech bits of kit you like, but little beats the advantages of a fully-trained security guard.

Unlike CCTV and alarms, a guard can respond to a situation as it happens – maybe even defusing it before any damage is reaped on your property.

Before you rush foot-first into the hiring process, thoroughly investigate your potential previous experience. After all, you don’t want to find your guard’s got light fingers after you hire them.

Know the net

Your building might be locked down tighter than a Bond villain’s lair – but can you say the same about your internet connection?

Indeed, technophobes everywhere are still suffering at the hands of cyber crooks and scammers. Yet they fail to realise just how simple it can be to avoid internet fraud or stolen files.

First, install internet security software on all your computers, preferably from a trusted provider like Norton, Kaspersky or McAfee. This will give you a firewall to combat any nasty malware trying to burrow its way into your Ethernet cable.

Next, use common sense. Don’t try the same password twice, make those passwords difficult to decipher (that means no easily guessable phrases like “password” or your name) and don’t enter your details on sites you don’t fully trust.

With millions of cybercrimes hampering business profits every month, increasing your security is vital. Get kitted out before it’s too late.

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