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Fight the dangers in your workplace

Fight the dangers in your workplace

Sometimes dangers of biblical proportions are lurking, ready to bring your business to its knees. Fire, floods, crooks, moneylenders – they all exist in the hinterland of your mind, crashing into your consciousness when it’s too late.

Without sounding too paranoid, these dangers can happen at any time. Be it in the middle of the night after everyone’s gone home or during your lunch break, disaster could strike at any point.

Just imagine your entire workplace reduced to a disaster zone within minutes. While insurance will cover most of the damage, rebuilding a premises from scratch could make a massive dent in your profits.

To protect your precious business, try a few of these tips.

DON’T have a blast

Explosions are the thing of spy dramas or firework displays – you wouldn’t expect one to occur in your office.

Yet something as simple as a loose gas main could easily make your workplace go BOOM – unless you remain prepared.

Invest in a blast ceiling that will take a major amount of damage as it controls any explosion. With this safety measure in place, you can feel calmin the knowledge that your office won’t be instantly destroyed.

As regular as waterworks

Flooding can happen for any number of reasons. Whether it’s your roof caving in or your pipes leaking, a simple flood can screw with your electrics, knock your workplace out of action for a few days and kill a whole lot of profit in the meantime.

But you’ve got plenty of options to keep that flow at bay. For one, hire a plumber to check your water pressure at regular intervals. Moreover, reinforce the structure of your ceiling to protect yourself against any nasty leaks.

Crafty crook catchers

It’s one of the most dangerous elements of all – the human element.

Statistically, robberies happen more frequently than fires or floods, partly because of lax security on smaller premises.

Forced doors and windows account for 36 per cent of break-ins, according to government figures. So these are the hotpots to focus on.

Invest in a high-quality set of security cameras and be sure to make them visible. The larger your cameras, the greater their detrimental effect.

Even something as simple as an alarm system can be a small enough repellent to burglars. Unlike flames and floods, crooks can be frightened off and cause minimal damage.

The human element can, however, work in your favour. If you hire a security guard, their well-trained eye will be able to track down any vandals or burglars before they’ve even got the chance to affect your business.

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