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Market Research Basics: Knowing Your Target Group

Market Research Basics: Knowing Your Target Group

In the world of Business maintaining successful relationship with the clients/customers is a Mantra every employee should accept and repeat all the time. To use simple terms would be to say that regular contacts with them in analyzing what they want and need and acting accordingly is the definition of ‘good practice’. No job should be too small or too big in order to ‘feel’ and at times even predict what a client wants.

A customer is motivated by a certain need or a desire to put it simply when he or she is ‘buying’ a product or a service. Businesses are there to identify this motivation and quickly market what they ‘sell’ and persuade the client to get it. How many times has one’s motivation led to a purchase only to prove to be a failure as quality of the product has been either low or a total disaster? There is another factor, the quality of a service or a product is a really important when a client is to become a lasting one. This is usually closely related to the constant communication with the client, via emails, phones and all other modern ways of ‘getting’ to him/her.

Let’s examine how this communication and ‘feedback’ can be achieved:

  • Standing in ‘customer’s shoes’ is a really good way to find out what and how they think; for example some hospitals have engaged their interns to perform as ‘surrogate’ patients in order to collect data what real patients go through and experience when visiting the hospital;
  • “Predicting” the future is a very complex way to find out what clients will be needing in the future, it is worthwhile mentioned two famous names Steve Jobs and Richard Branson who as successful Business men achieved just this;
  • Constant communication cannot be stressed enough and in all possible forms, which in modern times is not such a difficult task as communicating becomes so diverse (an aspect worth mentioning is the fact that clients like when the business their patronize is available when they need it);
  • Keeping a track of all important aspects of communicating with clients and that is really to perform well in saving all the reports that are collected;
  • Running an honest Business is very important to every client as that will be the way to earn and keep his/her trust;
  • A rule of ‘under-promise’ and ‘over-deliver’ is truly important as modern customers are very savvy and will be able to ‘see’ through major unfair games some so-called shady businesses will offer.

In view of all that has been mentioned a good example of how this communication and surveying is done properly and successfully certain websites will be of help to clients. The magic word is ‘interactive’ way of determining what clients want/need as the successful Business will engage users/clients to comment and express their views about certain brands/products. The old practice of ‘pushing’ information at consumers doesn’t work. Better policy is to ask them to express ‘themselves’ by giving their ‘opinions and views’ in form of polls and quizzes (Statisfy can help you with that). At one hit customers will find out more about the product and valuable information will ‘reach’ the place where it will be truly useful.

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