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First Impressions: Ideas That Will Impress Your Out-of-Town Clients

First Impressions: Ideas That Will Impress Your Out-of-Town Clients

When out-of-town clients come to meet with you, it’s important to roll out the red carpet and make them feel at home. Since your clients aren’t likely to be familiar with your city, you can take the time to arrange their trip and help them leave with a good impression of your company. While you’re not a travel agency, the overall experience they have here will have an impact on how they view your business.

Fine Dining
Don’t overlook the importance of a good meal. Your clients are likely tired from traveling, and the last thing they want to do upon arriving is decide on a place to grab something to eat. It’s your city, so take them to a restaurant you like,and that can showcase some of the local grub. This should be a quiet spot where you can relax and unwind. Giving your client a chance to get their bearings and enjoy themselves.

Effective Transportation
You don’t have much time with your client, so arrange for a driving service to take you around town. Not only does this reduce your stress, you can point out important sights and talk casually with them while someone else takes care of the driving. It can also help take some stress off them, as they don’t need to rent a car or find public transportation.

Host a Client Party
When possible, arrange to have several of your clients come into town at the same time. This could be for a holiday party where you reward them for their loyalty over the year. Use this event to announce major changes to the company structure, like a merger, a new brand image, or the roll-out of new products. A party offers freedom of movement for your clients, and you can keep the conversation casual while dealing with important business issues at the same time.

A Thoughtful Gift

Closing gifts are essential to imprint a positive image of your company on your client’s mind. If there is a notable local winery, consider getting a good bottle for them to enjoy. Think in terms of practical gifts your client can use and enjoy. Don’t give an unwieldy gift if they need to catch a plane. One good option is to get a pre-paid card they can spend how they wish and will prompt thoughts of you and your company every time they use it.
Making the Grade
Making the trip for your client more affordable can be accomplished through the use of coupon codes for Travelocity or other online offers. Doing this may also provide you with some useful package deals that may give you some additional entertainment ideas.

Giving your clients a good first impression is crucial to your business’ overall success. Use these tips to your advantage and make this trip something they will remember.

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