4 Tips to Fix your Business as Fast as Possible

4 Tips to Fix your Business as Fast as Possible

There is no limit or stability for perfection. Sooner or later will appear things that have to be fixed. Whether it’s the fact that you have to hire a new employee or win over the addiction to social media at your office.

So, without further ado, here are some fixes to common problems that are aimed at helping your business get back to normal workflow as soon as possible.  

1) How to find new employees faster

Finding a good employee is almost like finding Nemo: you are looking for a small fish in a huge ocean.

But if you put enough time and effort into it, it will pay you off in double.

So, how to find the right candidate? Promote your business! Benefit the power that the social media gives you. Or, being more specific, that LinkedIn gives you. Post your job offer in groups that are related to the vacancy you are trying to replace.

Or, you could find some people using filters. Specify the industry, location, language and scroll through the results.

As well as using LinkedIn, post the vacancy on your corporate web page. Tell your audience that you are hiring!

Except for social media, CareerBuilder and Monster are great to look for candidates.

2) How to keep common distractors under control

Social media gathers more than just Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. It includes all means of communication, like blogs, forums, microblogs, business networks.

But “social media” is what people use when they talk about the most popular websites. So, how do you keep them under control?

Banning them is not quite efficient. Just take a look at the first point of this article. Besides, SM is a natural workspace for marketers.

In that case, you would have to ban SM for particular departments or employees. Needless to say that the staff will not be happy about this.

To cope this problem, use a time tracking software. There are one’s like Yaware.TimeTracker, which track Internet use. Using such tool you will have all data about Internet use at you sight. Can you guess how fast employee productivity will grow after you implement it?

But to make time tracking less scary, I’ll just say that employees can also assess their Internet use, so they get a tool for self-control too.

3) How to deal a negative review

Negative comments or reviews happen in the life of every company. And it really matters how you deal with them.

Weird, but people tend to memorize bad things and deeds much better that good ones. So, a negative comment or review can significantly hurt your reputation.  

First things first, don’t ignore negative feedback. Answer promptly. This will show that you pay attention and want to work on your imperfections. If you don’t reply, it can only make the dissatisfaction worse.

Second, if possible, take the conversation elsewhere. Continuing the conversation in public you might reveal some sensitive details and instead of dealing with the conflict, make it worse.

Third, be polite, no matter how mean the comment or review is.

And lastly, see good in a bad review or comment. It is still a feedback. Take this as a possibility to discover and work on your imperfections.

4) How to maintain employee productivity

Throughout the years, businesses started paying more attention to the human resources. There came an understanding that people are the driver of success.

Yet, every year we are asked to do more with less, stress increases, the workflow becomes more intense. In such conditions it is much harder to stay sane and productive.

So, here some things that you can do to take care of your employees and avoid common mistakes:

  1. Give each unit personal space: sounds difficult. Becuase most office buildings are designed as open space. While it’s great for meetings, summits, etc., it is no good for the working environment. There’re a lot of noise and distractions. So, if possible, choose an office that has separate cabinets, so the workflow processes would not conflict with one another. If you are not considering to move, at least, give employees good headphones.
  2. Make employees happy with their paychecks: the payment that employees receive should correspond their duties and skills. Thus, those who have more responsibilities and more workload should be paid more. Otherwise, they will neither be happy with their work nor want to work harder for the good of the company.
  3. Cope the bad managers: bad managers don’t motivate. They suppress. So make sure that you choose democratic people to be managers. They can be friendly, yet fair.

So, here are 4 fixes that will help your business get back to normal workflow as soon as possible. Tell me what you think and share your tips and trick in the comment section!

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