6 Computer Fixes for Your Startup Business

6 Computer Fixes for Your Startup Business

Computers are practically indispensable in business today, and are especially important to small businesses because of their ability to reduce costs while simultaneously improving productivity. So what are some of the best ways to fix computers so they provide your business with the maximum benefit?

Operating Systems
Choosing the right operating system for the task is crucially important, especially if you are investing in new hardware. Mac OS X is designed for easy and powerful desktop applications. Windows is a generalist system for maximum compatibility. Linux is designed for servers and developers. Using the right operating system will guarantee top performance.

Virtual Machines

With the advancements made in multi-core processors and virtualization technology, it is no longer necessary to have one CPU for each system. Many advanced technology shops use virtual machines so they can install multiple operating systems on the same hardware. This is highly useful and a huge time-saver for developers and testing platforms.

Software Subscriptions
Gone are the days when a business needs to set aside large capital expenditures for software. Many of the most capable and powerful software packages are now available on a networked subscription plan that can save a small business enormous costs over time. This kind of product offering is bound to become more popular due to its flexibility.

Updated Software
Like a subscription, software update mechanisms are designed to provide their benefits over time instead of as a single purchase. Patch management software like Shavlik or Windows Update can keep your system guarded against security threats and also maintain high performance.

Remote Telemetry
Many large corporations are turning to mobile applications to monitor their operations from locations other than their home office. Because the bandwidth requirements of such a system are rather modest and because the costs are much lower than investing in on-site staff, many large organizations find this to be a wise choice.

Cloud Communications
Some small companies find the effort required to establish and maintain a local e-mail, voice-over-IP, or many-to-many message board system is too burdensome. Most find there are remotely-hosted alternatives that can provide the same services at a dramatically lower cost and with a higher rate of reliability.

Computers are among a small business owner’s most valuable and powerful tools. With the right management and knowledge, they can help your company achieve its goals faster and less expensively than otherwise. Electronics, like any other mechanical devices, require attentive maintenance and knowledgeable design work to perform at their top potential. The good news is, computers are only getting more powerful, easier to maintain and easier to integrate with your overall information technology strategy. These are only a few of the things your company can do to make certain your IT investments produce a high rate of return.

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