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What Types of Properties Are Available to Businesses?

What Types of Properties Are Available to Businesses?

Whether you’ve just set up a new start-up or are running an existing company that is seeking new business premises to expand into, there are many options available. A lot will depend on the industry you are working in, budget and more. There are many different types of commercial property that will be suitable, so consider each of the below and which ones will best fit in with your business model and its future plans.


Retail properties are usually found on the high street, in shopping malls and other busy areas. Aside from businesses that are directly selling goods to customers, such properties are an excellent choice for new ones that want a lot of free exposure. They offer a great place to be seen by potential new clients and customers without having to pay for extra advertising. There has been a drop in retail property moves in 2016, mainly attributed to the uncertainty provided by Brexit, but retail space is often easy to find with more businesses going online.


Office properties are largely the traditional blocks found in the centre of cities and on business parks on the outskirts. The latter are more affordable due to a less desirable location, suiting those companies on a tighter budget better. Still, the traditional office model is shifting, with virtual offices becoming a lot more popular in the past few years. This is where companies use the address and space only when they need it, not permanently.


Industrial units can be used for a number of purposes, from storage to manufacturing bases. Logistics, engineering and businesses in many other sectors will be more suited to taking up industrial units to let in Burntwood than sales companies and other similar ones. They are often found on city edges as a lot of space is required. If your logistics or delivery firm is looking for a new base and intending to expand in the future, then it can be an ideal option.


Whether you’re in the food, packaging, car manufacturing or any other business that involves the production of goods, a warehouse will probably be necessary either as your main property or an inclusion. It could be a huge 100,000 square foot warehouse or just a small addition to your main office that is required, and all sorts can be found or planning permission gained to build onto your current base.

Consider which type of business property will be best for your company to move into next.

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