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The 5 Things You Never Thought Mattered In a Job Interview

The 5 Things You Never Thought Mattered In a Job Interview

Hiring managers and business owners evaluate job applicants using a wide variety of methods. Beyond resumes and verbal responses, they look at a job applicant’s appearance, presentation and non-verbal communication. You have probably already received advice about these topics from academic and employment advisers, but the following five specific things in these areas matter more than you likely ever realized:

Scuff Marks on Your Shoes

Whether you apply for an office or construction position, scuff marks on your shoes or boots or may create a negative impression. They can make an interviewer think that you might not care about your overall appearance, which is especially important to think about if you are working in business. Another thing that they can tell about you from scuff marks is that you might not care about the quality of your work.

How White Your Teeth Are

Yellow teeth can make you look older, worn out and less approachable. On the other hand, white teeth can make you seem younger, energetic and more approachable. Before you start setting up interviews, ask a local dentist like Advanced Dentistry of St. Charles about inexpensive whitening procedures that can make you look more youthful and professional.

Damaged Glasses

Unless you want your appearance to scream quirky artist or unhygienic, swap old yellowed nose pads with new clear ones. Additionally, repair any damage that might make it seem like you do not care about your appearance or vision and eye health, such as visible scratches on lenses, a missing screw or a bent or missing arm.

Crossed Arms

Even if you fold your arms in front of your chest automatically when you are cold or nervous, interviewers often perceive this small gesture as a sign that an applicant does not play well with others. Crossing your arms while listening to someone else who is speaking non-verbally suggests that you disagree with that person’s opinion even when you agree with it. Crossed arms can also imply that you are bored, irritated or angry.

Empty Hands

Empty hands often result in negative and distracting habits like crossed arms, wild gesticulations and fingertip tapping. Always bring a blank notepad and pen to an interview. As the interviewer speaks, take notes and write down your questions to show the interviewer that you are highly prepared, actively listening and deeply invested. Just make sure to spend more time looking at him or her than your paper.

Although no amount of tips could ever guarantee that you get a particular job, these five will better your chances. They are geared towards making sure that your make a great first impression and, often, that is what matters most.

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