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Learn What to Do If Your Business Network is Breached

Learn What to Do If Your Business Network is Breached

When you own a business, the data that is saved on your computer system is highly sensitive and should be protected at all costs. If your business network has been compromised, it is important to take immediate action to ensure that the damage is as minimal as it can be. The following guide walks you through a few tips to follow if your company’s business network has been breached.

Hire a Company that Offers Data Forensic Services

The first thing you need to do is hire a company that offers data forensics services. The company will be able to find out intricate details about the breach to ensure that it can be dealt with as quickly and effectively as possible. The company will be able to determine when the breach took place and if any information was stolen from your business network.

Temporarily Restrict All Access to the Server

In order to ensure that the breach was not an inside job, restrict all access to your business server right away. This will ensure that anyone who may have participated in the breach cannot gain access to the server and attempt to cover their tracks. The data forensic company will be able to determine when each person logged in and what they looked at while they were in the system to see if there was any suspicious activity that happened before, during, or after the breach.

Change All Administrative Passwords Immediately

If the breach was not an inside job, it is important to change all of the administrative passwords immediately to ensure that no one can gain access to any of the more secure areas of the business network. Changing the passwords immediately is not overly difficult to do and will keep the rest of the information in your system as secure as it can possibly be.

Inform Affected Clients of the Breach

The data forensic company will be able to let you know which specific accounts were affected by the breach. You will need to contact each client to let them know what has happened and that their personal information may be in the wrong hands. This will give them the opportunity to monitor their identity to make sure that no one tries to steal it.

Ensure Future Breaches Are Not Possible

Before the data forensic company leaves your business, it is important to have them set up security measures that will prevent another breach from taking place in the future. It will be very bad for business if client information is constantly being stolen from your business server. Having protective measures put in place will ensure that everything is as secure as they can be at all times. The company will be able to walk you through the measures that they establish so that you can understand how they work and learn how to tell if anything has gone wrong with the system so it can be handled right away.

Protecting client and your business’ information is important. Determining how a breach took place and what information was obtained from the breach in as short a period of time as possible is important if you want to protect your business and your clients from any major damage the breach could cause.

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