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Best 4 Ways for Businesses to Introduce New Products to the Public

Best 4 Ways for Businesses to Introduce New Products to the Public

Launching a new technology product is no easy feat in the modern market. Competition for limited consumer dollars is very high. While American consumers spend a large chunk of their disposable income on technology, it can be very difficult for a new product to attract attention away from the industry giants such as Apple or Google. The trick is to bring the product to the public’s attention in the right way.

Focus on People

Those who have studied very successful tech products have noticed one particular trend among them. The focus of the initial marketing campaign and product presentation isn’t really about the product at all.

Steve Jobs almost never discussed the technical aspects of his devices. Instead, he related his entire presentation to the consumer and how the product will benefit them and improve their lives. The simple fact is that most consumers don’t care about the particular specs of a product, and the average person isn’t likely to understand their significance. What every consumer cares about is what the product will do for them and how it will interact with their lives.

Bloggers and Opinion Leaders

The internet has become a massive ocean of information, and it can be extraordinarily difficult to be heard and noticed above the flood. The internet is also a vital marketing and business tool. Modern businesses simply don’t succeed unless they can win the internet game. The secret is that most products online are sold before they’re ever available for purchase.

There are powerful forces on the internet that can control the tides of both thoughts and purchasing power. The blog is a standout tool, and those with well- read blogging sites are the drivers of opinion on the internet. It is important to bring these opinion leaders onboard early, usually months in advance of a product launch. Hype is generated by possibility. Customers are talking about what a new product might do, and then the product is already sold in their hearts and minds.

Be Faster in Production

Modern business moves very quickly. Stiff competition means that those who are too slow to bring a product to market are usually overtaken by others. Creating a new technology product is also expensive. New businesses will need to be able to produce enough prototype products to test the market without going bankrupt in the process.

One of the most common stumbling blocks on tech product production is the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. All tech products require PCBs, and the PCB must be custom designed for each product. While less expensive tech kits and other starter materials are okay for early prototypes, a product fit for sale will require custom design. It is important to partner with a PCB manufacturer, such as Streamline Circuits, that can provide custom boards quickly and inexpensively.

Use Facebook the Right Way

There is no arguing that Facebook is a necessary part of any internet marketing strategy for any product or business. It is also true that the vast majority of people either don’t use Facebook correctly or only scratch the surface of what it could do for their customer interactions.

Getting Facebook “likes” is important. However, the vast majority of customers on Facebook only like a product page for a one-time incentive like a discount or bonus. When marketing through Facebook, it is important to figure out a way to create a lasting customer connection and continuous relationship. Customers that hit the like button and then leave aren’t really customers, and they aren’t really helping the product. A customer that returns often to interact with the page in some way will increase traffic and sales and probably increase overall product awareness.

Despite the difficulties, many innovative and successful tech products are launched all the time. Planning the right marketing strategy is critical and staying on top of the marketing before, during and after launch will ensure a product’s ultimate success.

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