10 Tips on How to Quickly Become a Successful Entrepreneur

10 Tips on How to Quickly Become a Successful Entrepreneur


You should always aspire to be the best in everything you do. Running a business is not an exception; strive to be a successful entrepreneur.

While success in any venture doesn’t come easily, adopting some smart – yet not dubious – tactics, following advice, and taking action promptly can make success come your way far earlier than expected.

You can become a successful entrepreneur– one who’ll improve his personality with his business and his business with his personality.

With these 10 tips, you can make success come your way quickly.

1. Develop the right attitude

Your attitude largely influences your business. So, you must have a positive attitude and accept total responsibility for any result that your business brings. This way, you’ll make tactical changes to your business when necessary, and you won’t blame others for your failures.

2. Develop a strong passion for your business

Let your specific business goal be your passion, and pursue it strongly. This passion is what will keep you focused and determined when the going gets tough and you’re hit by frustration.

3. Be self-disciplined

To reach your business goals, you must be disciplined. Running a business and being successful at it requires lots of time, patience, effort, and practice. Without self-discipline, you cannot dedicate all of these consistently.

4. Always improve No matter what your line of business is, there’ll always be competition – slim or heavy. If you don’t think of ways by which you can improve on what you’re doing, your rivals will force you out of market. A success bound entrepreneur is innovative.

5. Gather more experience

Without it, you can’t achieve success. Some people believe that you gain experience by osmosis as the years pass by. But never wait to gain experience the hard way through mistakes, challenges, and so on. Rather find out what the successful entrepreneurs did to achieve success. Find out those common mistakes others are making and avoid them. This way, you’ll gather much experience and expertise without waiting for time to teach you.

6. Be flexible

Sometimes, some tactics other than the ones you’ve planned adopting seem to bring better results for other businesses. In such cases, discard your earlier tactics, especially when you’re not sure if they’ll work or not. Rigidity is one of the keys to failure. To achieve success, you must be ready to adjust to trends.

7. Seek advice and follow it

Always approach the gurus in your business line and ask for their advice. They’ve passed through the stage you’re in now and they know best how to scale through it. So, get their advice. It will surely work for you.

8. Take action

Delay is always dangerous. Whenever you learn something new, or you’ve fine-tuned a brilliant idea that strikes you, implement it without delay. It may make the huge difference between you and your rivals.

9. Never think about failure

Having the mindset that failure is not an option strengthens your zeal for success. Even if your business is doing badly, it would only have failed if you think it has. So, always think success.

10. Deliberate before action

Each step you take matters a great deal. It may help or ruin your business. So, before implementing any tactic or taking an action, take your time to study critically its likely consequences. This way, you’ll be able to perceive failure or blunders from afar. So, avoid haste. It mars!

Let these ten tips be your guidelines for running your business. You won’t fail. Even when you seem to do, you’ll attain success eventually – provided you don’t give up.

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Published by Valentine Belonwu

My name is Valentine, founder of this site, an entrepreneur working as a moderator at Bizsugar a small business community news site. Connect with me on Google+ at Valetine Belonwu


  1. Glen · January 16, 2013

    Hi Valentine, these are all excellent tips.

    The two I think are most important are DISCIPLINE and PASSION. Being discipline is hard, especially when we don’t see immediate results. That’s where the passion takes over and keeps us moving forward.

    Good stuff!

    Have a great day! 🙂

    • admin · January 16, 2013

      Hi Glen,
      Glad to see you here :).. I agree with your point but having passion to do what we desired to do will make a great impact in our lives.

      Thanks for your awesome comment.

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