5 Effective Ways to Optimize Mobile Advertising for Your Small Business

5 Effective Ways to Optimize Mobile Advertising for Your Small Business


More than half of internet users now browse the web on the move, using mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. The practice of browsing the web while sitting at a desk for long hours is fast going archaic. For smart business owners, it’s time to take their advertising campaigns to the mobile platform.

Of course, this is necessary; most of their targeted potential customers have gone mobile already. Would you advertise your products to spectators in a stadium when it’s a product mostly needed by students? You wouldn’t, definitely.

So, if you’re a business owner, no time is better than now for you to get smart and move with the latest trends.

That said, every advertisement strategy is worth adopting perfectly, for positive results to come. So, you shouldn’t just adopt mobile advertising, adopt it the right way!

Here are 5 effective ways to optimize mobile advertising for your business, whether small or big.

1. Stay Local and Be Specific

Mobile advertising, unlike general online and search engine advertising, does better when targeted at people based on where they are and what they need So, to make the most out of it, let your ads be location and search specific. This way, more people will click on your ads, with the intent of taking whatever action you want from them – subscribe, buy, download or share.

2. Make people find you easily

Away from ads, there are ways you can tweak your website so that it will be prominent in search results when people search using mobile devices – think mobile SEO. Try these tips:

  • Optimize for shorter keywords; mobile device users search with shorter queries.
  • Include ideas for mobile devices when choosing your keywords (using tools like the Google Adwords tool.

Also, it’s annoying when potential customers land on your site and just cannot figure out how to contact you. So, you must add to your website, every contact detail – email, phone, Skype, etc.

And note, too, that your contact information must be placed where they can be seen easily. The ideal is for you to have a standalone “contact” page.

3. Design for the mobile web

The easiest way to ruin your mobile advertising campaign is to make your website hard to browse with mobile devices. This automatically repels potential customers and sends them into the waiting hands of your competitors. So, adjust the designs and layout of your website until it displays awesomely well in mobile browsers. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Build a different sitemap for mobiles
  • Build a style sheet for mobile
  • Reduce your content volume (but don’t leave out any important detail)

Better yet, design an entirely different mobile version of your website for display on mobile devices only. With a separate mobile version, you won’t have to sacrifice any part of the professional-looking layout on your main website.

4. Advertise within apps

The truth is, no matter how long mobile device users spend online, they still spend an ample amount of time offline, fiddling with various mobile apps.

So, how can you capture potential customers even when they’re not online?

You can do that successfully by advertising your business within those apps they spend more time with. You can try this strategy using  Google’s AdMob, a low cost in-app advertisement service.

Another tactic is to create mobile apps related to your small business which will also be directly related to the products you offer. For example, a book publishing business could create a mobile application that enables users download and read choice books. While this could be free or premium, they’ll have the opportunity to advertise their quality published books via the app for free!

5. Stay current with the latest developments

Very soon, mobile advertising, which presently is “the future of online marketing”, will become a mundane strategy. Yes, the more people get to know of its effectiveness, the more they’ll adopt it, and the more it loses its effectiveness. So, make the most out of it before it loses its entire luster; be among the “early catchers”!

Mobile advertising can really grow your business and increase your income. But how well it will work for you depends on how well you run your campaign. Apply these strategies and watch mobile advertising take your business to the next level.

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