How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign that Works Magically

How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign that Works Magically


You’ve built a great website or blog for your small business. That’s great! But you’ve only taken just one step towards business – a right one though.

Oh, you’ve created a free giveaway product to encourage signups to your email list? That’s another step towards success – a greater one I must say.

Now, take another step that will take you closer to success – get more potential customers to sign up for your email list. Oh, you’re doing fine in regards to that that, too? Now, let’s get ahead…

Building an email list is one thing, and achieving your aim of creating it is another.

Do you already have a many potential customers on your list but haven’t been able to convert them into loyal, big customers? These tips will help you build trust and customer loyalty with your email list.

1. Over-deliver on your promises

If you’ve added on your email list subscription form, a call-to-action statement in which you promised to send latest market news and helpful tips for instance, always keep your promise. In fact, deliver much more than you promised.

Remember, your subscribers opted in to your list because they want to get the information you promised. You’ll only force them to hit the “unsubscribe” button by sending them promotional emails only.

Now, sending promotional emails isn’t bad. Why shouldn’t you? But, only do that after sending a series of emails giving helpful, valuable information. This way, your promotional emails get more attention.

2. Send customized emails

Give your subscribers the impression that your email is meant for them specifically. When your visitors sign up, most times they give their names – the first name, at least. Always use this name in the subject line, as well as the beginning of the content.

Here’s a good example of an email you can send to a subscriber who gave his name as Marvin Hopkings:

Subject: Marvin, here’s your free market report for this month!

Hi Marvin,

Last month was cool for business, right? You must have…

A message like this grabs readers’ attention and ensures that your emails are read.

Using professional email list services like Aweber, will make this easy.

3. Send simple emails

There’s no problem with sending emails in HTML format, especially when they contain links to your website.

However, avoid sending emails that contain large blocks of text or that will give the receivers formatting problems. Rather, keep your emails clean and simple. Else, they’ll be deleted right away!

4. Keep it brief

Remember, it takes patience to open an email in the first place. Don’t make your recipients close the message in annoyance by making it too long. Personally, I hate long emails, and I don’t read them except in few cases.

Everyone is busy, and some people receive hundreds of mails per day. Nobody wants to read an “epistle” of an email. So, keep your messages short.

If you have a “long story” to tell, why not keep all of that on your landing page, and link to it in your email? That’s much better.

5. Be interactive

Communication is best when it’s two-way. Don’t be the only one doing all of the messaging.

Remember, an email list is meant for enhancing interaction with customers to increase customer loyalty. So, it’s best to make your message interactive.

In your emails, ask questions your recipients would love to answer. Ask for their views and suggestions, too, rather than doing all the “talking” yourself.

With these five tips, you build a base of loyal customers, improve your brand, and even attract more customers. Try them; they work like magic!

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