Seven Important Elements of Strategic Communications for Your Business

Seven Important Elements of Strategic Communications for Your Business


If you are a business man then I am sure you are well aware of the countless communications taking place every day, every minute and every second. The progress and development of your business depends upon your very skills of communication.

Wise men always say, “How to deal with whom, when, where and why is the best art of life.” And your business requires this art for its advancement and improvement. Your written and verbal communication skills shape your personal ability, which profoundly benefits the business you own or work at. Here, you will be provided with the seven elements of strategic communication for your business, so that you may enhance and augment your correspondence with other people.

The Writing Process:

Before starting to write, analyze who your audience is and what their mindset is. Either they are highly educated or not, for example. You need to adopt the right tone and the right words that will win approval. Before writing, decide the most suitable tone for the audience you are addressing.


  • Writing

Research, organize and compose a well-structured and strong message. Collect and gather relevant information about the topic you are writing about. Once you are ready with the info, organize it properly and effectively. Describe the issue, present evidence and then end with the solution. Write an appropriate and suitable letter.


  • Revising

And lastly, revise, evaluate and proofread your write-up. Consider the clarity, tone and readability.

Setting the Best Channel:

The importance of the message and the amount and speed of the response required decides that which channel of communication should be used.

When you want to deliver bad news or a personal message, talk to your potential client face to face. If you want quick information, use telephones. When you require speedy delivery of a significant written record, use a fax. For explaining policies and discussing procedures, use a memo. If you want a written record of correspondence, a letter is the best way. And email can be used when you need a response, but not immediately.

Dealing with a Negative Message:

Breaking bad news is something which is a part of business life. Such messages are to be written and presented carefully as they can disappoint, upset or irritate the receiver. Direct, but polite feedback is preferred when delivering negative messages especially by those entrepreneurs who are relationship oriented. Start with the best news, add in compliments, appreciate the receiver’s achievements and afterwards, provide the objective info that introduces the bad news, show that you care and apologize briefly and sincerely.

Oral Communication:

Oral communication skills are at the top of the list of competencies valued by an employer. Successful interaction with customers is necessary. You are not only being judged by what you say. But by how you say it. Pay attention to how you sound. Practice techniques that may improve your voice quality, pronunciation, volume, pitch and emphasis.

Oral Presentations:

Good presentation skills get you a job in well-reputed organization these days. Your presentations will probably be made to inform, influence or motivate action. If you want a professional performance in your presentation, focus on five areas: preparation, organization, audience rapport, visual aids and delivery.

Communication with Ethics:

Ethics are considered one of the building blocks of business communication skills. Your ethical communication can be guided by putting focus on the codes of conduct guidelines provided by the company. So you need to emphasize your ethics when framing your business behavior.

Communicating for Employment:

Whether you are applying for your first permanent position, competing for promotion, or changing careers, you will be more successful if you understand employment strategies and how to promote yourself with a winning resume.       

Your resume should be precise, up to the standards of a professional, and suitable for the position you are applying for.

So promote your business and career using the best communication skills possible. Follow the above tips and get yourself called a highly professional entrepreneur of your niche. Your own value along with your firm’s will increase if your level of communication increases. Groom yourself to reach the peak of success.

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