Online Marketing Optimization For The Spring Holiday Season

Easter Sales

A big portion of online sales happen during the holiday seasons. One such holiday season is the Easter-Spring season. Smart e-tailers around the web optimize their business to sell as much as possible during the holidays. In this article we’ve shared some tips, tricks and insights into how to make the most of the flurry of buying that happens during Easter-Spring holidays.

Start Marketing Yesterday

If you haven’t really begun marketing, you are late. Marketing for Easter-Spring is best begun yesterday. Do not wait till the holiday season is on your head. Prepare and optimize well in time and the season will bear you the fruits you desire.  Start marketing at least 40 days ahead of the holiday season. This will give you the crucial edge at various phases of the marketing process.

Use The Power Of Amazon

Let’s face it Amazon is huge, true to the name. It is a must-associate for every online retailer. Amazon is a huge marketplace for all sorts of products and sellers. Every day several million people go through Amazon’s product offering to make purchases, compare prices, discover gift ideas and research products. If you are on Amazon then you are doing your marketing right. Use Amazon to sell and advertise.

Amazon offers Product Ads where the advertiser pays for every click-through. This is a highly powerful way to let your products be discovered. Essentially advertisements will be displayed every time advertisers look for similar products. Amazon is the place to be during the holiday season.

Offer Gift Coupons and Cards

Gift cards are growing more and more in popularity. Studies show that they are immensely popular during the holiday season. Both for givers of gifts and receivers, gift cards have emerged as a favorite. Gift cards have been continuously topping wish lists of shoppers. More shoppers say they would like to receive gift cards than those that say no. Merchants find this kind of sale highly convenient as well.

Suggest Gift Ideas To Consumers

Sometimes shoppers are lost when it comes to deciding the perfect gift for loved ones. At such times a “gift idea” landing page comes in handy. Such a page might feature a list such as “Top eleven gift for moms,” or “Top twelve gifts for sons.”

Use Video Effectively

Using video effectively has been shown to be a great tool in holiday marketing. Excellence in video presentation translates into sales. Show explanatory videos for your top products and watch sales boom.

Measure Consumer Statistics

Measure and evaluate consumer statistics. Find out who is visiting you and where they are coming from as well as what they buy in relation to this. It is a mistake not to know everything about your customers – something that can be done easily with the detailed statistical evaluation software available today. Evaluate last year’s marketing results and put anything you have learned from it to work for you this year.

Use Email Promotions Effectively

It has been observed that when people go on holidays they often do not check emails. However, it is a mistake to underestimate email promotions. Email promotions are powerful, second only to searches as a way to discover products. Good email campaigns engage customers and ensure their loyalty. Email marketing is a low cost and extremely effective way to market goods.

Customer Loyalty Program For The Holiday Season

Customer loyalty programs have been seen to work very effectively during the holidays. One way of implementing such a program is to offer freebies or points per purchase. This is a great idea if you are marketing buy-again products because customers have all the more reason to come back to you.

Holiday season is a season for fun and gaiety for both buyers and sellers. Make sure your sales avenue reflects that spirit of fun. With careful planning and tuning you can milk the holiday season for maximum sales so that you can wear a holiday smile all year round.

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