Things a Small Business Website Should Include

Things a Small Business Website Should Include

Web is still in pretty bad shape. It still has loads and loads of sites with horrible navigations, complex structures, vague business propositions, pathetic loading time and more. In short, an ordinary visitor still has to face these kinds of sites and struggle to gather information or to take desired actions. Well, if you are a big brand, you may still be able to drive business and make your customers feel happy about it; but small business owners do not have this luxury. They have to work their tail off to get website presence right otherwise they might find it extremely difficult to get new clients.

Here in this article, we are going to give you some really useful tips that will help you get your web presence right:

Don’t Use Greek

Yes, believe It or not, majority of visitors are not familiar with Greek. Well that is bad but believe me there is nothing that you can do about it. Okay, sarcasm apart, what I mean to tell you is that you have to describe in simple English what you have to offer. No need to use evasive language. You need to assure the visitors that they are on the right place by describing your company in simple and straightforward language.

Sensible URL

Your domain name should reflect your brand. Previously business owners were much in the habit of buying keywords rich domain names as they used to have some advantages in the SERP over branded sites. But things have changed drastically. Keywords rich domains are now being treated skeptically as they do not have much value to offer in the SERP, you should focus on having a branded domain name that people can easily remember and relate to. This is what Sandra Smith of MotoCMS has to say in this regard – ‘the days of keywords rich domains have come to an end and we are going to see a visible rise in the number of branded domains’. And this is exactly what we are seeing now.


Contact Information

if people cannot find your contact information, how on earth, they will be able to get in touch with you and buy your product. Honestly speaking these days, people simply do not have the time and patience to click on every page to be able to find contact details. Your contact details should be placed prominently in your website unless you do not mind losing your customers.


The best way to make visitors have faith in your service by adding testimonials from your present or past clients. People like t know how your product or service has helped other people and when they see that so many people have given favorable feedbacks about your company, they are most likely to form a favorable impression about your company. This will definitely make it easier for your website to get them converted.

Prominent Call to Actions

If your website does not have a prominent ‘Call To Action’ button, you are just killing all its prospects. Unless your website has a prominent call to action button, your targeted visitors will feel lost. Call to Action button can be anything from ‘Free Quote’ to ‘Discount Coupon’ or just a simple ‘Contact Us’ button. All you have to do is to make it prominent so that visitors have an idea what they have to do next and you can see a visible rise in the number of conversions.

Make it Search Engine Friendly

I am not asking you to spend thousands dollars on online marketing that you simply cannot afford. Rather what I am asking here is to integrate some Seo basics so that your website attains better visibility in the SERP. Spend some time on keywords research and then do an initial SEO audit. Once you are done with the SEO audit, implements all the recommendations and I hope you will be able to see some difference in the online presence of your website.

Add Fresh Content

Since search engines are always looking for fresh content, you have to make sure that you are adding value to users experience in the form of adding more fresh content to your website. You can create a blog and then go on publishing great quality content in your website or else you can upload high quality images and hopefully, people will love them and share them with their friends and families. So, you are going to have a bigger and more prominent social presence in coming days.

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Michael Evans is a passionate blogger and social media analyst. He is currently assciated with MotoCMS. He also occassionally contributes to 3Leaps.Org.

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  1. Leadgenix · May 17, 2013

    Branding domain names is becoming increasingly prevalent. It may be that entrepreneurs who use their own name for their business or have a very common name will have a difficult time getting a good domain name for their website. Some creativity may need to be involved in changing the name, but remember that branding is important. You want your customers to search for you by name because they have brand loyalty. Landing on your website once due to a random search for a particular service is great for you, but make sure they can find you again and that their referrals can find you by name. This will increase you business and give you a good standing in the minds of your customers.

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