5 Steps To Finding New Office Space For Your Business

5 Steps To Finding New Office Space For Your Business


Whether you are looking for an initial location for a business start-up or an upgrade following eagerly anticipated business expansion, it is important to make the right selection when it comes to new office space.

There are, understandably, numerous considerations when it comes to finding the perfect location for your business. Not only do you have to take into account your workforce, there are also current and prospective clients to consider; it is a very challenging balancing act!

With this in mind here are five useful steps to keep in mind when choosing to lease offices in a new location:


Accessibility and footfall is the cornerstone of any successful business. If you can afford to consider office space in the central business district of your particular niche or sector this is a great way of not only getting your firm noticed but making your business more attractive to employees with the skills sets that may be able to take your company forward. An accessible office could also encourage more walk-in enquiries and foster working partnerships with nearby firms.


If you are a business looking to expand in the coming years you will require adequate security. After all, it is quite possible you will have hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of equipment on your premises. Make sure you look for properties with minimal or no record of break-ins and with additional security such as burglar alarms and fencing or railing.

Property size

The property of your dreams may appear great at first glance and for your business needs now but how will it fare with any possible future growth? No-one wants to sign a lengthy lease agreement only to realise another office move is necessary 12-18 months later. Be sure to think long term when viewing potential new office space.

Energy efficiency

A sustainable office will not only help you save money on your business’ energy bill, it can also boost morale and improve productivity. Consider things such as heating, ventilation, air conditioning and natural light,which can all combine to provide an attractive working environment.

Rent negotiations

It should be possible to negotiate on the terms and length of any potential lease, including the rent and any break clauses, through your estate agent and solicitor. Let your solicitor know what you are looking for and they should be able to use their experience to let you know if that is plausible.

Within a rapidly changing marketplace, new office space can be hard to find. Plan well in advance to scour the market for available premises and avoid any desperate 11th hour searches made in haste rather than a calculated approach.

Published by Caterine Sellars

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