20 Characteristics That Qualifies You to Be An Entrepreneur

20 Characteristics That Qualifies You to Be An Entrepreneur


It is not true that successful entrepreneur are born that way. In fact, anyone can be a successful entrepreneur. However, there are some specific entrepreneurial traits a person must have to be successful in the field of business.

Of course, entrepreneurship is not for everyone. But there are some particular character traits that make it easy to succeed in the highly-competitive world of business.

What are these essential entrepreneurial traits that anyone who is interested in starting a business must possess?

Here are features that truly are indications that you are meant to be an entrepreneur. These 20 tips say it all;

1. Resent Status Quo

It doesn’t make sense to you that something has been done in a particular way with no explanation. You are not someone who wants to just go through the motions or sit by idly. Nor do you like following the pack.

2. Easily Bored

You find yourself easily bored, and others start viewing you as a problem. But nothing is wrong with you except that you are bored with activities that aren’t up to your abilities and aren’t challenging. That’s why you hated most of the classes you ever attended.

3. Fired from Jobs

You’re too creative for your own good when it comes to working for others, and you may have some history of losing jobs. Being just a cog in wheel is very difficult for you because you want to create something others can be inspired by and contribute to.

4. Labelled a Rebel

You know that greatness resides outside the lines of conformity and don’t think that policies, laws and regulations apply to you. You have been described as a rebel and rule breaker and would defy gravity if you could.

5. Resist Authority

You have a lifelong record of resisting authority from your parents, teachers and bosses. You don’t go along with the agreed upon norms of the group or community you work and live in.

6. Ready to Improve Everything

You always see how you could do things better. In addition, you are opinionated and freely give your two-cents about your better way of doing things–even when you’re not asked.

7. Bad at Making Small Talk

You have difficulty making the kind of small talk that so many people get comfort from. This social pattern of relationship and rapport building seems like a waste of time to you and makes you uncomfortable.

8. Bullied in Your Youth

You may have been heavily criticized, picked on and even bullied as a child or teenager. This has caused you to be driven to excel and to prove to the world that you are indeed a force to be reckoned with.

9. Obsessive

You may have been labelled obsessive/compulsive because when you get started on something you have difficulty letting go. Don’t let anyone convince you that this is a disease or deficiency. All of the great entrepreneurs become completely immersed in their vision. Howard Schultz stuck with Starbucks even when his family tried to persuade him not to.

10. Scared to Go Solo

 The entrepreneur in you is scared of going out on your own—and also terrified of not doing so. This fear is so common in our society because we’ve been conditioned to think that entrepreneurship is much riskier than getting a “good job.” The reality is there is instability in both.

11. Unable to Unwind

You can’t go to sleep at night because you can’t turn your thoughts off. An idea may even manifest itself in your dreams. The next morning you find yourself still consumed with that idea, distracting you from the job you’re supposed to be doing.

12. Don’t Fit the Norm

You have always been a bit uncomfortable in your own skin. Until you get used to the idea that you are in fact different from most people, it could prove to be a problem–or exactly the motivation you need to acknowledge the entrepreneur screaming to get out.
13. Passion

You have always had a liking for a particular thing, industry or trade. Such a passion drives you so crazy that you find satisfaction in sharing it with people. You would stop at nothing to bring this passion to fruition.

14. Creative Imagination

You think outside the box and are so creative when it comes to business and everything in general. You like it when people talk about business around you, so much so that you talk about ways to better create existing ones.

15. Seek Opportunities

You have a knack for searching for opportunities. It may be an opportunity to earn more or to learn further. You do not settle on the things that exist around you. You also know how to find opportunities that may not be visible for most people.

16. Want the Best

You don’t settle for the second best. You always find ways how to be the best in your craft. You also have a certain attention to detail and quality.

17. When To Get Help

You always recognize that you can’t do some things alone. Hence you acknowledge that you need a hand in order to get things right. You also respect other’s view on matters regarding business.

18. Strength And Weaknesses

You have mastered your strengths and weaknesses .This has made you aware of the borderlines and you also know how to keep the borderlines expanding. An individual who does not know his strengths and weaknesses is like a person facing a mirror without clearly seeing his face.

19.Enjoy What You Do

You enjoy your work and you love what you are doing. You take life easy by resting once you are stressed to relax, because you believe it must not be all about work.

20. Goal oriented

You are in the habit of setting goals for yourself and accomplishing them. These goals could be short or long term goals. Whichever one it is, you make it mandatory to meet them.

Finally, truly if you possess one or more of these traits, then you sure are on your way to being an entrepreneur. All it takes is for you to look well within and with time you will come to realize you truly belong to the entrepreneurs club.

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