Spring Boosts With Promotional Products

Spring Boosts With Promotional Products


It’s finally spring! The (hopeful) end to the colder months is often associated with a season of growth and rebirth. How can you capture this national sentiment and use it to the benefit of your business?

Spring has a long history of celebration, with strong religious traditions of Easter merging with a pre-Christian festival of growth, rebirth and new life. This year, the weather hasn’t quite caught up with the festivities, it’s true, but they’re still happening. Can your business take advantage?

Most businesses are more than happy to get involved in the Christmas and winter spirit, but Easter, spring and summer don’t seem to inspire quite so much enthusiasm, despite the fact the weather is much brighter. Despite this, Easter is still celebrated, in one way or another, by most of us. It’s worth making the effort to make your business part of the celebrations and tapping into the optimism of the season.

Here’s how you could do it:

Show people your human face

Spring is all about positivity and looking forward. The desire to do that is a pretty universal human emotion, and one that everyone will respond to. Celebrate the new season with your employees and customers, with decorations, cakes and good vibes. Around Easter, this is often done with the assistance of pastel shades, rabbits and lambs, and you can celebrate other seasons easily by thinking about the colours that will be on everyone’s minds. Summer is represented by bright yellows and reds; Halloween and autumn with blacks, oranges and earthy hues; Christmas is decked in red and green.

By celebrating each season, your customers will know you’re not so different to them. You’ll help make your business seem more human and less corporate. You’ll get to have some fun, and help your customers and staff to have some fun too. You could use seasonal packaging, fun promotional giveaways or perhaps look at making small changes to your staff attire, business decorations or even social media pages.

A friendly atmosphere, a positive image, a human face: these things will all help people want to keep coming back to you with their business. They’ll help give you the edge you need over your rivals.

Reach out

Why wait until Christmas to give your customers a gift? Easter is a great opportunity to share your generosity too with chocolate eggs and bunnies, and Halloween can be celebrated with masks or ‘Trick-or-treat’ style sweets. Send some seasonal treats out as corporate gifts and you’ll show your customers you care. A big part of building brand loyalty is demonstrating that you are interested in more than just money. Gifts are a great way to do that, and if you can make it something a little bit different – such as a beach ball in the summer – people are far more likely to remember you. Or maybe something that’s useful year round such as a lanyard with your brands logo.

A chocolate egg might not seem like much, but it’ll make your customers smile, and think of you a little more fondly. They’ll be more likely to come back to you, rather than choosing your meaner, less generous rivals.

Festivals, seasons and celebrations are an important part of our culture. It’s part of human nature to want to take part. If you take part too, you’re showing your customers that you’re one of them. Sending seasonal corporate gifts is a great way to do this.

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