Industries that Can Benefit from Health and Safety Software

Industries that Can Benefit from Health and Safety Software


Every manager, supervisor, or executive wants a safe, injury-free workplace. Injuries can present long term hardship to employees, remove experienced workers from production, damage morale, and distract workers from jobs where concentration and focus are essential for safety and productivity. Canadian safety compliance standards are clearly spelled out in local and national laws and standards, but implementing these standards at the workplace takes time and planning, as well as a commitment to careful analyze all safety threats that are unique to particular jobs and industries.

When planning a safety auditing and training program, the best place to start for many industries will be a safety software solution that provides all training materials in an easily accessed format for supervisors and employees. In addition, safety software can be adapted to the particular needs of a business and modified over time as new challenges arise. Here are just a few of the industries where safety software could prove especially useful.

Chemical Industry

The chemical manufacturing industry is among the most important industries when it comes to conforming to safety standards since a chemical accident could bring disaster to a wider community beyond the employees who are put into harm’s way. Keeping detailed and updated safety training programs will be significantly easier for companies in the chemical industry since the information is high stakes and must be delivered quickly and accurately to employees.

Of particular concern for employees will be teaching them the basics of labeling and transporting potentially toxic or flammable materials. In addition, they need to know what to avoid doing around particularly volatile substances. For example, it could be tragic if an employee welds or cuts metal near flammable chemicals and sends sparks into the workplace.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry often involves large machines and confined spaces that can bring significant dangers to employees. Hazardous fumes, fast-moving machines, or large drums of heavy materials can prove especially fatal to employees who have not been properly and comprehensively trained. Maintenance work in confined spaces can prove especially harmful if employees don’t know about the risks of fumes becoming trapped in an area without ventilation or stepping into a confined space to rescue a fellow employee without properly assessing the situation and taking proper safety measures in order to ensure both the worker in danger and the rescue party minimize their risks.

Transportation Industry

There’s a lot more to the transportation industry than learning how to drive a truck. Oftentimes trucks haul hazardous chemicals that can cause significant damage to civilians if they aren’t stored and handled properly. In addition, drivers need to know the best unloading procedures when bringing a potentially toxic substance to a new location in order to ensure it is unloaded safely. If drivers learn to recognize the various hazardous substance signs, they’ll avoid putting themselves, fellow employees, and local civilians into danger.

Healthcare Industry

The healthcare industry is a high stakes business since a mistake with machinery or with patient procedures can prove extremely problematic in spreading disease, prolonging recovery, or keeping patients safe. Properly disposing hazardous waste, following standard procedures during patient visits, and recording all essential information properly can make a significant difference in a patient’s life. By managing all training and auditing through compliance training software, hospital administrators will be able to quickly and accurately train their many employees in the latest safety standards.

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  1. Alan Murfee · June 15, 2013

    The Employees are assets of the organization. These assets can be secured by providing proper training and guidance to the employees. Implementation of safety measures can contributes to create healthy and safe place to work.

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