Stationery for Contemporary Living

Stationery for Contemporary Living


Personalized stationery is a marvelous and useful way to communicate in today’s highly technological and personalized world. You may think the notion of personalized stationery is old-fashioned, but that’s only half the picture. On one hand, its recollection of decades past provides a powerful charm and attraction. On the other hand, personalized stationery is surprisingly well suited for contemporary life.

We live in an era of intense personalization. Not only do our phones identify our callers and allow us to have face-time them, but we accessorize our phones with colors and designs that match our personalities. Our DVD queues, product wish lists, and profiles on social networking sites highlight our traits, likes, and passions. Having personalized stationery that includes your name, initials, and/or favorite pattern will add a tone of individualization to your communications. Writing on your favorite personalized stationery is fun and inspiring, imparting joy to everyday communication tasks.

These days, when you have to brace yourself for opening your overflowing email inbox, we have to try harder and harder to get people’s attention. Sending a nice old-fashioned hard-copy note card or letter, on beautiful and high-quality paper will bypass the blinking applets and scrolling sidebars, the flashing colors and cutesy animations crowding your computer screen. Letters in a mailbox get real attention! In this technological age, many sorts of old-style communication are experiencing a comeback, such as calligraphy by hand (not by computer font), letterpress printing, and handmade paper.

At the office, if you really want to get someone’s attention and have him or her read your message with care. Write it on an elegant piece of stationery. Did you know that if you want to really grab the serious attention of your political representative, sending a handwritten letter is now the most effective method? Letters get opened, touched, and read; mass email petitions don’t get nearly that much individual scrutiny.

Personalized stationery is a great and effective way to express thanks, appreciation, or humble requests. If you have something uncomfortable or delicate to say, such as an apology, handwriting it on personalized stationery lends your message a touch of elegance and thoughtfulness that will enhance your words.

Conversely if you need to thank your great-aunt for a gift, but you really have little to say, writing a short simple note on a stunning piece of stationery will go a long way toward giving your thanks more resonance.

If you’re old enough to remember the days when stationery was common, and most women and girls had several designs on hand for different occasions, then using it today to communicate with others of your generation will instantly evoke feelings of nostalgia and humor as your recipient recollects bygone times. This can be great fun.

Stationery on actual paper that you can touch provides a delight to the senses that no email, no matter how attractive the background computer stationery may be, can ever equal. Don’t forget too, that an actual physical letter or note card is something people can save for years, rather than simply delete.

Explore our designs, and you will see that our options range from the sophisticated to the whimsical. There are styles and tones to suit any occasion or personality. So choose your personalized stationery today, and once you run out, you’ll want more.

About the author: Melissa Ling is old enough to fondly remember the delight she took as a girl in receiving stationery as a gift, and picking her own favorite designs for note cards, and letters. She currently owns a colorful range of stationery options, loves handling high-quality paper, and thinks you will enjoy writing on your favorite personalized stationery as much as she does.
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