7 Social Media Optimization Tips for Good Long-term ROI

7 Social Media Optimization Tips for Good Long-term ROI


Whenever you see a nice photo on facebook, you hit the like button. If you read an interesting article, you share it with your friends. If you stumble upon a fascinating story, you tweet about it. It is something that comes natural, because social media platforms have made things very easy for the users. Everything that interests us, we share or compliment. But what regular users do not know is that social media platforms are an important part of search engine optimization. As it turns out, engines like Google, have started to use facebook, Google+, and tweeter, to determine the overall value of a site. We believe that this is an inspired move, because people are more likely to share a high quality content. Popularity and credibility have thus become essential aspects which takes into consideration.

However, social media has changed a lot over the years. The most obvious difference from a few years ago, is that specialists are working relentlessly in order to develop better tools so that the average user has a better experience. The second thing we noticed is the convergence between social media and search tools. In other words, most websites are trying to engage their readers in order to increase their value and long-term ROI. Let’s take a look at how exactly pages like facebook or Google+ can influence your site’s impact.

How to Influence ROI with the help of SMO

1. Reach out to Your Readers:

Just like websites measure their size and reach on search engines, so can they calculate the number of followers, tweets, subscribers and so on. On facebook and twitter, for example, you can measure how many followers, updates and friends you have. The numbers are extremely useful because with them you can determine another important number: the number of people who are likely to click your ads.

2. Engage With the Public:

Whatever the benefits of social media on your profits, the most important aspect of it is still amplification and engagement. Google has taken steps to improving the search algorithms, and as a result, only pages which have a lot of reactions are likely to rank on the first pages. Digital agencies say that in order to improve your site value you should include social media metrics and tags that measure your content. For example, YouTube uses subscribers and Video count to determine how popular a video is. Moreover, the number of RSS and email subscribers can also tell you a lot about your potential reach.

3. Evaluate the Economic Value:

Although it is easier to measure the value of a single social media project, for example a Tweet campaign, the best results come from more complex studies which target the economic value of that endeavor. By analyzing the social media impact of your campaigns you can determine what you should tweet about, or what you should share in order to attract potential clients.

4. Combine Marketing Channels:

Your website should have a continuous flux of traffic which is significantly influenced by search engines, and social networks. If you have a new business, you will want to make it known through social networks. In the meantime you should optimize your website in order to make it more visible on SERPs. If you follow these two steps, your site will gradually gain more credibility, traffic and in the end you will obtain good long-term ROI with the help of Ads.

5. Know Your Trade

Become a go-to source for your potential clients. This is an unbeatable strategy, because lately people have become very impatient. It can take up to a year for a site to become an authority, and not everybody has the patience and the time to wait that long. As a result, most of them abandon the project before it even starts. I recommend that you create a valuable page, on which users can find correct and complete information. But what does this have to do with social media you might ask. It is easy! Every time you post a new informative article, tweet it, or share it. This way people will be encouraged to ask you questions. Every time you reply to an enquiry you will become the focus of your followers, people will start talking, you will become noticed. Thus, the brand will grow, and your traffic will increase.

6. Always Listen to What People Have to Say:

The golden rule to marketing is “Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. It is impossible to please each and every customer, but from each disappointment comes a valuable lesson. If somebody complains about a certain service, take steps to remedy the problem. Moreover, if  people ask you to implement a certain feature, or do something differently, try to give them what they want. Social media is based on conversations, which means that you should respond to your target audience.

7. Integrate Customer Service in S.M. Practices

Obviously, the main use of social networks are public relations, interaction and advertising. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you can’t apply customer service, relationship management, operations or sales on these platforms. Social Media is extremely useful because it shows a customer the inner workings of your company. However, even if it is important to reach out to your public, you should not loose track of the main goal: promoting your business. If you offer costumer service on Facebook, for example, you will do so in a more open way, and the more open you are, the better the client will feel. It is no secret that there are more emotional buyers than logical buyers.

All in all, social media has become essential for every online and offline business, and you should learn how and when to use it. The tricks I just mentioned will help you create a personal brand, online credibility, and in the end a satisfying profit.

Published by Anna Robeson

Anna Robeson works as a freelance writer but she sometimes consults with DNA digital agency. She recommends people to focus on their impact on the social media community first and foremost. If you liked the article you can follow her on Google+.


  1. Delwar Jahan · April 27, 2013

    It’s kind of amusing that how social media like facebook has gone this much big and still growing. I remember the first days of facebook when there were no ads and marketing in facebook is just like a unnatural thing. But after time even this place is crowded and people have to establish their campaign very carefully.

    If you do some good deed and have a community to follow then it will sure benefit you and your biz.

    • Valentine Belonwu · April 29, 2013

      Hi Delwar,
      I agree with you, when I started using Facebook I never thought of seeing it became one of the most visited site on the net. I believe that social media is growing very rapidly and it has a great potentials for our businesses. Thanks for your comment.

  2. LeadGenix · May 13, 2013

    It is interesting to see how social media has affected the way we marketing our products. I believe that all of these steps you provided are very important, but the most important is #2: Engage with the Public. As with any marketing campaign, you have to get the public involved or else your campaign will not succeed. Same goes with social media. You have to get your users involved to actually see any results. The easiest way to do this is through social media avenues. Due to how inexpensive and simple these avenues can be, although sometimes time consuming, the ROI will prove to be worth it in the long run.

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