Clinical Data Management Explained

Clinical Data Management Explained


Clinical data management that utilizes electronic data capture software is an important aspect of a contact research organization (CRO). CRO is the governing body that oversees the accurate collection as well as the scientific validation of the information that are obtained during clinical trials.

Simply put, electronic data capture software is complicated applications that bring forth a myriad of benefits. Essential information about the said tools is explained in this article, but those who want to know more about them can click here.

All in all, they provide foolproof results to statisticians who help in the studies. The data that the said tools provide aid to individuals who need to analyze results and at the same time check the end product of the clinical trials. Afterwards, overseers confirm if the results will be published and if certain drugs will be released on the market or not.

Explaining the Process

Researchers who will perform the analysis need to make sure that the data that are generated in the process are not compromised so as to avoid shelling out huge sums of money for corrections and querying. The whole process includes certain aspects that are specifically designed to make sure that the information or data that are gathered in the process are accurate and foolproof. It includes the following parts.

  • Planning a trial

Researchers are given responsibility with regard to accuracy of data that will be handled to statisticians. Putting this factor into consideration, researchers should be involved in every aspect of clinical trials since it has a direct effect on the collection of data.

  • Data flow and management

In general, data flow is established by the size of the clinical trial. For this reason, one of its prerequisites is a good case report form (CRF) monitoring strategy. During smaller trials, the CRFs can be obtained in a single delivery, but if it’s big, said documents will be sent in batches. Therefore, it is very important to determine how the data will be obtained before the start of the trial.

  • Data planning and creation

The data that will be received from the testing site could come in hard copies or digital ones. It is important the data base is well planned and properly designed to provide the stipulation of practicing both manual entry and digital capture of important information.


After reading this article, it can be concluded that data management is basically a series of procedures that are specifically designed to accumulate data or information that are free of flaws that can compromise clinical studies. In the process, the main objective of researchers is to produce accurate data that can be analyzed by statisticians.

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