One Mindset Every Success Bound Entrepreneur Must Have To Run a Successful Business

One Mindset Every Success Bound Entrepreneur Must Have To Run a Successful Business


Why is it sometimes difficult for business owners to come to terms with the saying ‘Time is Money’? Could it be that they do not really buy into it, or could their case be the issue of knowing what is right and still plunging deep into the wrong?

One veritable and indispensable part of any successful business is time. Even successful entrepreneurs know that time can never be bought with money; not even with millions of dollars. Hence they know that it has to be utilized at anytime as opportunities call for.

To be a successful entrepreneur, you must speak only one language and that is the language of ‘time’. You should know that opportunity will always accompany time. And as long as you want to utilize any opportunity, you must first utilize time. This is completely unavoidable.

Why Time Can Make or Break Your Business

Without the customer, there is no business. And as you already know, first impressions stick long. Once customers are aware of a time weakness in your service, they’ll drift away with the negative impression.

No one wants to patronize or even associate with a business that can’t live up to expectation. Bad news spreads like wild fire- if they have a negative impression, they’ll end up poisoning the minds of potential customers who have not even had an encounter with you before.

Think of the number of customers you probably have lost or will lose if you are always one second late. For your business to grow and succeed, being time conscious is the only stepping stone you need to make even the slightest headway.

Let’s assume you needed to meet a deadline to deliver goods to a customer at 10am. However for whatsoever reason, you delivered at 12 noon. Regardless of your excuse, if that customer isn’t the understanding type, you’ll probably be labeled as a time waster and an unserious person, simply because you failed to meet up.

A lot of entrepreneurs have allowed the ‘no respect for time syndrome’ eat deep into the fabrics of their business- from the business owner to the employees. This anomaly is one that needs to be addressed if you want to get to the climax of your business.

Therefore, the most important mindset you need to build a success bound business is the regard for time.

Your Business is Nothing Without Regard for Time

Having uttermost respect for time is one mindset that you, as a success bound entrepreneur should have. This is so because no one wants to deal with an unreliable person in business. Everyone wants to deal with people who are trustworthy and above all, can deliver as at when promised and due.

Businesses that fail their customers are seen as doomed. In fact, they’re doomed. Period!

Many people who encounter businesses that default, nurse the negative idea that there would be a fold up down the line unless a positive change occurs.

One Magic Trick To Help Out

For some newbie entrepreneurs, being punctual to meetings and appointments can be almost impossible. A simple trick, which is not exactly magic, is to live in the future.

By adjusting your clock five, ten, or even fifteen minutes faster than normal, you’ll always be the first to arrive wherever you are needed. By doing this, you will be able to make appointments as well as deliver jobs and services much earlier than the stipulated moment. And the good thing is that you’ll do all this without being under pressure.

It’s a common saying that, “time is not your friend”. Well, on the contrary, “time is your friend”.  Never be too complacent as to think that you are heading for a loss if you do not have respect for time. Make every moment count today as you make a shift.

You only have 24 hours in one day. Time can either be your friend or enemy; it all depends on how you use it.

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