Building customer loyalty the fun way

Building customer loyalty the fun way


Getting customers into your store or business is the ultimate goal yet so many businesses fail to see one simple way of getting customers in, getting them to react and to be involved in the business. It doesn’t matter what kind of business you have the following should be a part of your monthly schedule.

Whether you run a retail business (grocery store, clothing store or baseball card shop) or whether your business is service oriented (insurance, real estate, financial planning) you should take advantage of the once-a-month party. Throw a party you say? Why not? The idea is to get customers into your establishment and what better way to get them to interact with you and each other and to build loyalty, than to gather them together monthly for fun and games.

If you have a retail store of any kind give them a ticket (easily purchased at local party or supply stores and these should be the two sided kind) for every $5 they spend during the month. Maybe every $10 depending on what you sell and what the average sale is. Make sure you keep a list and get their social network site such as FaceBook, Twitter or their email. Send them an email or FB and Twitter blast every week detailing that on the last Saturday of every month you will have a drawing using those tickets. If your company is service oriented you can still do this by offering them tickets when they arrive. Do it for potential customers as well as established customers. You may want to turn this into a mixer of sorts minus the alcohol and you may do it quarterly.

Let’s say your party is the last Saturday of each month at 4 o’clock. This is a reasonable time. You plan to give away five prizes starting with something which sells for $100 retail. You follow up with some $25 retail prizes and maybe you join with a local restaurant to toss in a $50 meal coupon. In response you trade this for something the owner at that location can give away to get people into your store.

When people show up you start giving away bonus tickets an hour ahead of time. If the drawing is set for four o’clock you offer double tickets on purchases from three o’clock on, if you have a retail outlet. The idea is to get them to spend while they are there. At four when all have arrived you take the next five minutes to make announcements. Sales you are planning, new items which just arrived or are arriving in the coming week.

If the day is hot offer bottles of water for $1.00 each. If it is a holiday set up a BBQ and sell hot dogs for a buck and soda’s for another $1.00 outside your store. Have a family member fire up the grill and tell people they can feed a family of five after junior’s soccer game for $10! They will come.

Start your drawing and be entertaining. Have fun so they have fun. When the drawing is over resist the temptation to be a “good guy” and give more things away. Chances are your investment of $200 (retail price) in merchandise will return thousands to you on that day. It will also build customer loyalty and soon they will log it into their minds and calendars to be there each month when you hold your party. You will have a lot of fun as well.

Gregg Rusley is a digital content developer for CMI Promotions. He specializes in finding creative ways to meet marketing or recognition goals with personalized merchandise.

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