Launching Your First Mobile App: What You Need to Know

Launching Your First Mobile App: What You Need to Know

The app has become a defining feature for mobile and internet users all over the world. From games, to stock reports, to weather forecasts, there’s little that these little apps cannot provide. While the world of apps may seem to be saturated to most people, every now and then somebody comes along with a brand new idea for an app that takes the digital world by storm. If you have a great idea for an app, however, that idea alone is not going to be enough to ensure its success. While having a great and useful app is a definite necessity, there are other factors you have to consider as well, such as marketing, the community your app is targeted towards, press launches, and, perhaps most importantly, deciding whether to design your app for Android or Apple devices. In this article, we will give solutions to all of these concerns so that when your app’s launch day comes, you will be assured of success.

Apple vs. Android

Your first decision will have to be whether your app will be designed for Apple or Android devices. There are advantages and disadvantages to each device, so choose carefully in this regard. Apple devices tend to be easier to code for, giving you plenty of leeway in terms of design and access. Furthermore, due to the popularity of iPhones and iPads, you will have a large audience capable of downloading your app. Android devices, however, are not to be dismissed. The Android’s popularity has boomed in recent years, and in many international markets it has already overtaken the iPhone. While the Android is more difficult to code for, it can also be used on a greater range of devices, potentially expanding your app’s market.

Preparing for Release

Once you have your app designed and ready to go, you will need to make preparations for its launch. Prepare absolutely everything beforehand, from press releases, Facebook and Twitter posts, and blog posts. Doing this in advance will lessen the likelihood of mistakes, and you can correct or update the posts before the app goes to launch. Get in touch with reporters and bloggers who may be interested in your app, and build a community of followers on social networking sites so you will have a devoted audience to help promote your app before it is even released. Most importantly, create an online video featuring everything your app does and why it is so useful. Video draws attention much better than words do.

After Launch

Once you launch your product, you will need to keep its momentum going. Engaging with your online followers and fans is a great way of doing this. Encourage them to promote your app, and take suggestions from the online community. Always thank your followers and make them feel included in the app’s progress, as this will encourage them to further promote your app to other online users.


The app has revolutionized smartphones and has brought convenience and entertainment to millions of mobile users. If you have a great idea for an app, be aware that you will need more than just that idea to ensure your app’s success. The marketplace is competitive, and by having a strategy for how your app will succeed, your app will be better positioned to become the next hot thing to download.

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  1. Thomas · July 5, 2013

    Thank you for the post. I have no experience at all when it comes to programing apps for Android or iPhones/iPads, but your article was truly interesting. I guess what you write about the marketing is true not only for apps, but just as much for new websites, new products and new services for businesses already online. Thanks again and look forward to future posts from you!

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