Characteristics of Great Marketing Visuals

Characteristics of Great Marketing Visuals

Most of the marketing efforts today require visuals to properly promote companies and the products and services they offer.  For example, an email is not nearly as engaging in a text form as it is with visually enhancing images.  For this reason, companies invest a lot of time and effort creating custom signs, logos, and other displays to attract the attention of their customers.  Although most visuals are helpful forms of advertising, some are more interesting and appealing than others.  Learn more about what makes a good visual below.

Unique Design

First, a good visual is unique.  It has a customized design that sets it apart from the other visuals that are next to it.  For example during a trade show, a company wants their booth to look different from the booth next door.  Otherwise, customers may not realize they should stop by and take notice.  Also, a product that sits on a shelf needs to stand apart from the others that are similar to it.  Without unique visuals, this might be more difficult.

Consistent With Brand

Next, marketing visuals should be consistent with the company’s brand.  For example, if a law firm is trying to promote a special on the cost of establishing a family trust, the promotion should look more professional than a traditional retail sale.  Otherwise, customers may become confused.  It is always wise to keep all visuals centered on your company’s brand.  This ensures that your message is clear and consistent.  It also helps you to build a better following.

Easy to Understand

Furthermore, since these visuals are for marketing purposes, they should be easy to understand.  Customers should be able to look at them and recognize the message that you are trying to get across – whether that is a promotion or introducing a new product.  In general, the simpler the visual is, the easier it is to understand.  However, be careful to simply too much.  In doing so, you could exclude some important information that a customer needs to know about your product.

Pleasing on the Eyes

This might sound like a no-brainer, but good visuals should be pleasing on the eyes.  However, creating these pleasing visuals is not always easy.  Fortunately, these helpful suggestions are good guidelines to stick to ensure that they are appealing on the eyes:

  • Focus on two to three main colors with your visuals.
  • Be careful about mixing cool and warm colors. This is not always pleasing.
  • Avoid excessive text – especially small text that is difficult to read.
  • Put the most important visual aspect at the center.


Finally, it is important to make sure that marketing visuals are professional.  Even if you are a party store, your banners should be well designed.  There is so much technology available today that makes this possible.  Accepting anything less than this is lazy.  It will look sloppy to your customers and it could cause you to loose out on your marketing efforts.

Have fun creating visuals when you are marketing.  Be creative and come up with something new and different that will allow you to better promote your company.  You will reap the rewards of your efforts.

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  1. Dasha · November 7, 2013

    Hi Valentine, I think a lot of organizations are concerned with this question. There’s so much content on the web, and you need to make yours special so that it gets noticed. What do you think of infographics? If its content isn’t directly connected with your business, what would be the best way to make it in terms of branding?

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