The SEO Benefits of Regular Blog Updates on your Business’ Website

The SEO Benefits of Regular Blog Updates on your Business’ Website

Consistent blogging can be a debilitating succubus, particularly if you don’t consider yourself a competent writer. You know your business, you understand the benefits and price points you offer to both clients and customers, the website has been setup and you’ve managed to cobble together a few directory listings, so why should you invest anymore time in this blogging scam? Surely words aren’t that important in the scheme of the internet. If only that were true. What you’re reading at this moment poured from the fingers of a writer, bent on trumpeting the advantages of updating your blog, not just regularly, but with interesting and relevant content. The internet is content. Everyday, you read, watch, listen and consume content, so regular updates on a business page many of your clients quietly stalk is highly valuable to the future of your venture…Why? That’s easy.

A Regular Scrub

The Short Version: If a site is regularly updated (including blog pages), your audience will trust you, search engines will trust you and your business will rank higher, increasing visibility. The Long Version: Think of your website as an organic being – clothing your pages in stale words and rarely updated images presents an unfavourable face to the world, communicating a dusty and dishevelled appearance to visitors who consider your site in less than five second before clicking away. You don’t update, you don’t care about their engagement or show them new ways to interact with a relevant subject matter, so why should they stay? It’s not enough to spout your expertise and expect readers to fall into a honey trap of trust, modern audiences are demanding proof before buying into a service, as people becomes their own brands and business sense merges with social acumen. Updated content will continuously attract new crawlers to your website, suggesting to algorithms you are invested in customer experience by providing keyword relevant, optimised pieces, accessible across a broad spectrum of related interest.

Natural Back Links

Though backlinking is routinely compared to spamming, naturally occurring, high quality backlinks remain the bread and butter of SEO strategies everywhere – it is not obsolete or irrelevant to building reliable networks of information. If you’re generating quality content on a weekly basis, other websites will feature and pick up that article, creating a positive backlink to your site and a pronounced increase in visibility, encouraging traffic and spiking conversions. For internet marketing to really take effect, your audience needs to know you’re there!

Get An Edge

Despite a substantial SEO strategy and robust online copy, it can still can difficult to directly compete with powerful hitters on the internet, as they have time and money to invest in the best experts in the business. Remaining relevant doesn’t have to be punishing, as there are specific content tricks one can employ to steal a slither of thunder from their results – Home Page Content. While most business owners have no inclination to add new widgets to their front page or conduct a re-write every three months, featuring a blog reel with recent posts will encourage search engine crawlers to come back to your site for another look. Try to include a relevant, though interesting thumb nail and a compelling META excerpt to encourage viewers to take the next step!

On the other hand, if you can’t be bothered pouring so much energy into such a time consuming segment of internet marketing, you could always give an agency like Search Factory a call. Some things are better left in the hands of experts.

This guest post was written by Jessica Hannah who is the Content Manager at Search Factory – a specialist search agency located in Brisbane, Australia.

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