Considering Your Options in Accounting Education

Considering Your Options in Accounting Education

Career focused certifications can land you the job, help you keep that job during layoffs, increase the marketability, and provide professional credibility for you and your. HR and prospective clients know the time, money and effort involved in acquiring certifications and recognize them as a testament of an individual’s commitment to succeed. That demonstration of commitment and a universally recognized accounting certification often can serve as the deal breaker between two qualified candidates.

  1. Career Change – If you are in a career that doesn’t offer room for growth, you may want to do something different. Accounting is a great field to get into, and one that offers you something different every day, and room to grow within your field. While it might seem like a desk job, there are other duties that you will be required to do that will get you up and speaking to other people, so that you can enjoy the workplace. Whether you are tired of your cubicle phone service job, or if you are ready for a more responsible job than flipping burgers, make a career change by looking into classes you can take to get an accounting certificate.
  2. Promotion – You may already be in the field of accounting and are satisfied to stay there. The only problem could be that you want to make more money doing what you love, or that you want a bigger title within your company. Going to school to become more certified is a great way to get noticed by your boss so that when promotion time comes rolling around, you will have something new to highlight for your career. This could get you a pay raise, a promotion, a new title, or more. You won’t have to change jobs completely, but you can experience more fulfillment at your job with the certificate.
  3. Licensing – Depending on the industry you are employed in, you may be required to become licensed in accounting. An accounting certification could help you to take the step towards licensing. In doing this, you could get a better job or could completely fulfill the requirements needed to be in the job that you are already in. With proper licensing and certification, you may even be able to branch out on your own and become an accounting professional that is self employed.
  4. Minor – If you majored in a different field, but you think that accounting sounds interesting, you may just want to get your accounting certification as a sort of minor degree. While it won’t be an exact minor, it will be similar, and you can work on it while you are going to school to do something else. This opens up more career possibilities should your major not land you the job you have always dreamed of.

Accounting is a huge part of the business world and is a service that every business needs. Whether you have already had a little bit of training, or if you are at the very beginning of your school years, look into accounting to see if you have what it takes, or to see what you can do to further your career. From changing careers completely to becoming higher up in the company, it can really benefit you to get your accounting certificate.

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