Development Programs for Enhancing Leadership Qualities

Development Programs for Enhancing Leadership Qualities

Companies are often faced with the challenges in implementing strategic action plans while undertaking the projects that are of high value. The problems with resolving these challenges mainly include the lack of leadership qualities within senior executives and cohesion within the team of high value executives. In order to overcome these difficulties and to find potential talents within the company and grow them the companies prefer intensive leadership development coaching for their executives offered by professional coaching providers. At this point I know at least 10 leadership development firms in New York, but I would like to recommend the following two really good ones:

ü  Leadership Development Workshops | WJM Associates, Inc.

ü  Programs for Leadership Development (PLD) New York – Miami – IESE Business School

Advantages of the individuals

While undertaking high value coaching from accredited assessment centers, the individuals are benefitted immensely in enhancing their leadership skills. It takes place especially during a period of metamorphosis experienced by the company. Advantages obtained include:

  • Diagnose their own performance by using assessment tools and identifying the company’s projects which are of high value and implementing suitable action plans.
  • Develop the leadership skills during transition to help in turning into a successful manager and to achieve the objectives of the company through motivating others in the team.
  • Adopt more flexible and adaptive approach for facing the challenges in business.
  • Discover the power within their own self and bring creativeness through innovative thinking to drive new services and products.
  • Enhancing personal and professional productivity, positioning for new challenges in a better way and reducing stress to overcome stumbling blocks while taking advantage of opportunities that are new.

Advantages of the company

It is through workshops organized by the assessment centers that companies are benefitted in their talent hunt effort to develop an individual contributor into honing the skills of a successful manager. Leadership development coaching is aimed at grooming high level executives to identify the underlying forces that influence change, navigating successfully through the changes and strive to get the outcome desired during upheaval. Companies benefit through this by being able to implement the correct strategies through these efficient managers. Priority tasks are assigned to competent persons by which wastage of time is prevented allowing the company to give attention to other key areas while handling big projects. Companies are able to implement their plans successfully through executives who have undergone the leadership coaching. Moreover they are able to bring quality control for developing the qualities of leadership and are helped by the coordinators from coaching centers to implement object oriented strategies in finding out the right talents within the company.

Well designed framework aided by technological means allow individuals to access these coaching sessions from any location. These coaching sessions are flexible and are aimed at providing effective coaching for bringing all round development of a high value executive on corporate culture, personal traits, personality, location, language and industry standards. Innovative workshop sessions help an entire team of senior executives to develop their creative thinking through intense interactive sessions conducted by experienced and highly qualified instructors. It is through these training sessions that companies are able to be successful in their talent hunt and create leaders for the future.

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