Lowering Your Traveling Budget with Carpool

Travelers recently become more creative in saving their money, especially backpacker who usually comes with low-budgeting plan. Staying in a hostel and doing low-cost flight ticket hunt have been commonly done. Eating in cheap places has been considered done as well. Everything is possibly done in order to save some money and focus with traveling alone. Another good suggestion, now you can possibly cut the transportation cost as well. How to do it? You can share the ride with other people through carpooling. The term of carpooling refers to an activity of sharing rides aimed to cut the transportation cost by sharing gas bills or any other bills. Carpooling allows you to save your time simultaneously, as you don’t have to walk or to commute by several transportations. Not only saving your money and time, carpooling with new people also gives you a chance to meet new friends. Sometimes, they would also invite you to their plan or to a place you haven’t known before.

Carpooling can be done with new people or your own friends. Instead of traveling alone, sharing the happiness with your friend is more awesome, isn’t it? Since you will cut the cost, your friends would love your idea as well. If another people acts as the driver, then you can help them to cut the gas bill, while you also cut the transportation fee up to 200$. Who doesn’t love it? Yes, carpooling can save lots of money. Here are the tips:

  • If you are going to travel with your friends by carpooling, you are strongly recommended to stick to the agreed plan. Going together tends to raise more debates and complaints, so you and your friends need to agree on something right before you start traveling, including about carpooling.
  • Discuss about how the procedure, the payment and the part would be with your friends. Whether the driver would be changed or not also need to be discussed, since it would affect the share. Sharing the cost doesn’t necessarily have to be sharing gas bills. Somebody can pay for the meals or the attraction fee. The more detail the plan, the less complicated the procedure will be. So, you had better discuss it carefully.
  • It’s also okay to do carpooling even though you want to travel alone. You can ask the driver to drop you on certain place, which is still onthe same direction with where the car would go. Even though you might end up not exactly in a place you plan, you have already cut some fee.

If you want it to be much easier, then you can start the carpooling with your car. You know, initiating a carpooling with your own car can save up to $600 of gas bills a year. If you are the driver as well, you may cut the cost more. However, before you start it, you had better make some rules to be followed by the passenger. Remember that the car and the service are yours, so avoid taking risk by careless planning. Tell them the about fair share and your personal rules inside the car, like no drinking, no smoking or anything. Check professional website incarpooling, such Divide the Rid or eRideShare to learn more.

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