Advertising with Banners and Stands in the Digital Age

Advertising with Banners and Stands in the Digital Age

We live in a digital age, and when you visit trade shows and exhibitions, we are bombarded with images and sounds, designed to attract attention. Sometimes, the quieter you are, the better, as people can be put off going to a stall that is too loud and leaves you unable to have a regular conversation. Although this style of advertising can attract attention, it can also put potential customers off, so you need to find the right balance when you are setting up your exhibition stand. There are many quality companies out there such as Aspect Exhibition Stands that can supply you with everything that you will need for your next tradeshow or exhibition.

Say it with Images

You placement of your advertising banners is crucial, and you should use these to draw attention and get people to come to your stall. With there being so much noise at a tradeshow or exhibition, it is best to use images to get your message across, rather than have a soundtrack blaring. Although a soundtrack can be very informative, at a busy event, it can also become background noise which nobody pays attention to.

Using high-quality images to bring people into your stall is an attractive but unobtrusive way of getting people’s attention. By selecting the best images which are also versatile, you will be able to make sure that you can use your banners and stand at any event that you are going to be attending, rather than having to have new designs made for each event as this can prove to be expensive. You can say a lot with an image and the saying is true, a picture is worth a thousand words, or more! Choosing an attractive and stylish design of banners is still one of the best ways to promote your business at a tradeshow or exhibition.

Digital Displays

It is still a worthwhile investment in having a digital display on your stall, when you are at an exhibition or tradeshow. It is a good idea though to have a video display which is solely visual and does not rely on an accompanying soundtrack, to inform people of its purpose. This may sound hard, but it is easy to come up with a creative digital display which can use images and texts to promote your company, products or services. Another good reason to not have a soundtrack playing is if the event is a couple of days long, you will soon get sick of hearing your own soundtrack after eight or ten hours a day at the event. A visual digital display is something which can be played in the background constantly on a repeating loop, and is eye-catching and informative, yet also unobtrusive.

A Wise Investment for your Business

Finding the right balance of traditional marketing techniques, coupled with digital forms of advertising, will help you to stand out from the competition when you are at your next tradeshow or exhibition. The money that you spend to set up your stall is an investment in your business, which if done wisely, can have a real return on investment. Using both traditional forms of advertising, as well as digital forms, you can attract your customer’s attention and draw them to your exhibition stand, where hopefully you will be able to convert them into being a new client. Flashing lights and lots of pictures can get people’s attention, but you also need to make sure that your stall is informative and offers visitors the information that they are looking for.

Sometimes, it is best not to display too much information, to that you can try and entice the visitor to interacting and asking questions about your products or services. Be creative when you design your exhibition stand and you will be able to stand out from your competition at your next tradeshow or exhibition.

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