Old-school marketing strategies which withstand across the time

Old-school marketing strategies which withstand across the time

Whether you would like to admit it or not, the world we live in is changing rapidly and every day something new is thought of, made up and produced while something else is overgrown and forgotten. TVs are not only in colour but are long ago stopped being bulky and heavy and are now slim, curved and sophisticated. And don’t even get me started on computers and mobile phones! Just think about how they looked twenty or even ten years ago, and compare them to present-day hi-tech devices. Along with technology and the way of life, marketing has changed as well. Nevertheless, some things seem to have taken roots deep inside the marketing area and they still work today.

Posters and Fliers

We are all aware that there are online options for brochures. However, a physical brochure or leaflet which the customer can into their hands makes a visible and memorable reminder of what you have to offer them. Once a website is closed, the easies t thing is to forget what they saw in an advertisement. That way they mighttake their minds off your business. On the other hand, having an interesting brochure on their desk or counter is a constant reminder of why they were interested in your business in the first place.

Trade shows

It is advisable to take part in live events, such as exhibitions, community fairs, parties or merely events you yourself hold just for the sake of your business. Advertise your participation in these events to attract attention of the customers. Draw them to your promotional marquee using those old techniques such as small gifts, discounts, or promotional products. If you have a memorable products or a slogan, it is guaranteed that you will be remembered.


No matter if it is simply a pen with your business contact information or a fridge magnet with your address and phone number and your business logo, promotional products and small gifts keep your business in the minds of your consumers. Choose promotional products whichcould come in handy to your consumers and which are somehow relevant to the business you do. For example, a beer company can hand out bottle openers or coasters with their logos and some funny slogans.


Most people drive cars today, and time needed to get to work from home and back is usually long. So, a few billboards placed in good places can get your message to thousands of commuters every day.

Don’t get too sucked in the past times and don’t allow yourself to be over-taken by nostalgia. Remember that when you’re investing into modern and professional services, you are investing into the future of your business as well. A reliable marketing agency can create a plan which will help you reach out to your specific consumer base by using some of the methods that might be older or newer, but are surelyvery effective. And remember that traditional marketing methods we mentioned here today are more than certain to play an important part in your business-building plans.

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