Promotional product trends for 2015

Promotional product trends for 2015

Giving out promotional products to people is a well-known and much-liked marketing strategy. Companies have been handing these out for free because it is a good way to have your company remembered and recognized by potential buyers. Regardless of the time and place you give them out, it is imperative that you get in contact with as many people as possible so that your business can become more recognizable with time. This way, you will have people calling you when they need your services since your brand has been known to them one way or another. By knowing what is popular and necessary these days you will make sure that your promotional products are not only nice but modern and useful as well.

Eco-friendly promotional products

If your potential future clients are conscious of their environment or ecology, offering eco-friendly promotional product is an excellent way to draw attention to your company. Pretty much any promotional productwhich is made of recycled materials is a good idea:plastic water bottles for those who are into sports, T-shirts made of organic cottonand tote bags for grocery shopping. Tote bags are very popular because they can be used many times, thus reducing the number of plastic bags in use.

Re-usable promotional products

To be honest, most of us would love to get something useful as a gift, or something creative. The case with your clients is the same – they would all love to get promotional items which are useful from as a gift from the company they are working with. Think about investing into key rings which would include bottle openers, small and useful flashlights or whistles. Triple usb hubs are a must-have in pretty much any home or office, since there always seem to be more devices than there are available usb ports, and they can be branded easily because of their size. Chalk mugs are incredibly useful and loved by many because of all the possibilities they offer: write down pretty much anything you want on it and simply wipe it off later. Your clients could scribe, write, doodle… They could do and write whatever they like – for example, write down the kind of coffee or tea they prefer to drink.

Promotional products to wear

Pretty much anything that can be worn is a god choice. People love getting free clothes and accessories. Simply stamp your logo and company name to T-shirts, caps, hats or reflector bags. These little gifts will not cost much, but your clients are going to love them. There is a great chance that these promotional items will be given away even further, to other people as well, not just your customers. This way, more people will hear about your company and your name will start to sound familiar to many.

If you are keeping up with today’s trends, your own promotional item can become so eye-catching and memorable that impression your clients (and potential clients as well) will have of you will be rather positive.

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