How to Captivate Potential Customers Using Flyers

How to Captivate Potential Customers Using Flyers

Even if Internet Marketing has proven to be increasingly popular and effective with businesses of all sizes, you should keep in mind that direct marketing tools are still very efficient. Flyers, sophisticated business cards, brochures, folders, calendars, bookmarks and coffee mugs are often overlooked as necessary products in marketing your company.

Flyers have worked wonderfully for my carpet cleaning service, gaining profitable business day in and day out. I personally always re-order more flyers as soon as I run out of stock to distribute- they actually drive traffic and help with the sales! If you effectively design your flyers or any other promotional printed tool, you can showcase your unique brand, properly delivering your company’s message to your targeted audience. Are you intrigued? Check out these useful tips and learn how to captivate potential customers using flyers:

Tip 1: Offer Promotions

Captivate your target audience by offering promotions or advertising discounted rates to lure your clients. With eye-catching, attention-grabbing flyers, potential customers are sure to read about your business. Flyers are such effective marketing tools- don’t miss out on the opportunity of taking advantage of them. When I offer promotions, I always provide compelling offers such as, “Call NOW for a FREE In-Home Estimate,” “Call before March 31st for a 30% DISCOUNT on Top-Notch Carpet Cleaning.” Always make sure to direct readers to take action.

Tip 2: Choose the Right +

Colors, Content or Graphics

Choose the perfect colors, content or graphics that highlights your brand, making your business stand out from its competitors. This is essential as it can be an appealing first impression that intrigues potential customers. The point is to make people want to learn more about your products or services, making your company popular. Make sure to include a compelling headline that captures people’s attention in no time! I always show readers with my flyers that my carpet-cleaning service has a unique proposition, making it the best option available.

Tip 3: Make Sure to Properly Distribute Your Flyers

Just as the design and content, distribution plays an extremely relevant role in reaching your potential customers. Try to come up with a wide array of options in which you will get your flyers out there. No matter what way you choose, always go with someone who has excellent references. Since flyer printing is so effective and affordable, you can use it to support other marketing efforts. If you want to distribute your flyers in as many ways as possible, you can do it when making door-to-door calls, as an attachment to emails (repurposing the art to get more bang for your design buck), as a follow-up mailer to potential customers, just to mention a few.

Tip 4: Go For Online Printing Services

Professional beats amateur every time. Printing at home may seem cheaper but it will produce less effective results. Go for online printing services to get the best price possible and the quality results you need. You might think it’s a little pricey to hire a professional digital and offset printer but, if you want to dramatically increase store walk-ins, calls or sales, that is the way to go. You have invested so much time and effort in order to get your business up and running, what are a few extra dollars?

We hope this information comes in handy. Follow these tips for great flyers that brand and market your business effectively, leaving a long-lasting impression. Have you marketed your business using flyers or other promotional tools? Which ones have proven to be more effective? We would love to hear your thoughts. Please don’t forget to leave a comment below.

Image Credit: Christos Andronicou, Coffee Shop Promotion Flyer Template on Behance.

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