Marketing trend alert for 2015

Marketing trend alert for 2015

Marketing trends are prepared carefully in advance as the one for 2015 was already ‘in play’ at the end of 2014. The whole team of professionals are busy devising trends and strategies that will work for promoting and enabling businesses to sell, secure contracts, etc. Whatever the business might be the Marketing gurus will find the way to improve performance. That is why it is important to budget for Marketing and serious Businesses are planning every year their Marketing budgets comprehensively.

Industries are constantly changing so does the Marketing, but the ‘ever chasing’ new trends can become tiresome. A sensible way to perform is to identify current trends, then choose a good strategy and action upon it accordingly. Some would call this ‘way to succeed’ and that is why many are following this path. Here are some of the trends that proved to be successful in the last few years:

  1. Paid advertising is ‘the way to go’ in order to market/promote whatever the ‘goods’ are, some guys like it and some don’t though; the negative side to this is that the costs of advertising are ever on the rise and that won’t change in a hurry;
  2. Using Social Networks and Linkedln is another trend that proves to bring good results in Marketing, especially Linkedln is performing well in distributing content;
  3. The continuing trend of reaching wider audience is present in 2015 but the new trend is to achieve a more ‘personal’ touch to the message that is sent to clients, the most useful again would be emailing the message to them for example; the same applies to websites and their content;
  4. Social media are still very important to Marketing, the newish trend is to ‘integrate’ Social Media and accomplish distributing the ‘message’ to a wider audience;
  5. New Technologies are also an element in this field, more people are using wearable technology devices so would the trend of adapting Marketing to ‘appear’ on wearable devices be another major ‘move to the right direction’;

Some of the major Marketing experts are still promoting the more traditional trends and one of them will be to offer gifts and samples specially prepared to market products/goods/services. An Australian company Cubic Promote ‘proved’ that with all the new trends and strategies, promotional samples, gifts with a company logo still are one of the best trends in Marketing. The interest for these items has not declined, if anything it has increased. Their USBs, coffee cups and mugs, caps and T-shirts, stress balls, and other products win all the accolades at Expos and Trade Shows every time. One can often hear: “ohhh that is really wonderful, do you have another one please?” With buying in bulk large savings can be achieved which is an important factor in planning the budget, Businesses are using this opportunity.

Whatever trend is the one to go ahead with it is good to be wise in experimenting, and a good research is handy to do in advance. As we all know some business can be fickle therefore caution is always good. One never knows how well the performance will be until it has been tested and tried on the Market.

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