Is Email marketing still more effective than social media marketing

Is Email marketing still more effective than social media marketing

You will be surprised to know that in today’s world, email marketing connects a whopping 85% of people whereas social media connects just 62% of them.

Strange, but true.

With the growth of technology, social media and other modern marketing techniques, some people think that email marketing is dying a slow death. But the fact is that if email marketing campaign is used properly, it can do wonders by driving direct sales. Having said so implies that if you have just one bullet left in your gun to sell something, then email marketing should be that bullet, always.

Reasons why Email Marketing is still more effective than Social Media:

A recent email marketing survey report says that 92% of marketers agree that email marketing produces a higher ROI for them as compared to other marketing channels. The survey was done by Marketing Sherpa, a firm specializing in tracking what works in all aspects of marketing.

We spend about 38.5% of our mobile Internet time on email.

3. 91% of US consumers still use e-mail regularly.

46% of consumers receive more than 10 emails a week from retailers.

Consumers who receive marketing emails from brands spend nearly 83% while shopping and the average ROI for every dollar spent on email marketing is $44.25.

We can say,

Email Marketing = Long term Relationship

Reasons why email marketing should be your first choice:

1. Inexpensive/Lower cost of email
2. Wide Scope
3. Can share new products, demos with the customers and get their reviews
4. Email is effective for building long-term customer relationships
5. Higher ROI (Return On Investment)
6. Email is used more than social media
7. Email is easy to pass onto friends and business associates
8. Email requires lesser time to manage
9. Content For email marketing can be reproduced
10. To reach different people you need different channels.  Email marketing support sales through different channels (For some people email might be the first choice over the social media marketing. When you choose different channels, you reach a wider audience).
11. No Limitations on Message Length
12. Tracking / Reporting
13. Higher Chance of Conversion
14. Can share press release updates

According to a study, about 77 percent of consumers in US want marketing messages through e-mails.

What kind of emails are effective?

Consumers get attracted to the emails which offer something of their interests (news related to their favorite product), offers (free and discounted) and more.

Important components of an effective e-mail:

1. Firstly identify the purpose of the email: Before composing an email, it is very important to identify the purpose of the email.

2. Attention-grabbing email subject line:  An attention-grabbing email subject line will definitely capture your attention.

3. Make sure you are identifiable: Avoid using nicknames as people used to ignore these kind of emails. Use your full name so that receiver should know who you are.

4. Email Content (body): Keep your content simple, state the benefits to the customer, stick to the facts, and then provide a call to action.

5. Make sure your email is readable/Use correct grammar and punctuation/Use simple formatting in email: Use proper format while sending an email. With this also pay attention on good grammar, correct spellings, appropriate fonts and abbreviations.

6. Relevant Image: Email marketing research revealed that 65% of people surveyed prefer emails with mostly images rather than text.

7. Social sharing links: Expand your email marketing through social sharing buttons as well as encourage your customers to share your content.

Types of emails you could send include:

1. Transactional Emails : Transactional emails are automated mails for example welcome emails, shipping notices, order confirmations, password reminders, purchase receipts, thank you email etc.

2. Newsletters Emails: Advantages on newsletter:

They can spread your brand awareness.

Through this you can share new content that is updated on your website (blog or article).

It gives you freedom to include different types of content.

3. Nurturing Emails: Did you know nurturing emails generate an 8% click-through rate, compared to regular email marketing that generates only a 3% click-through rate.

4. Promotional Emails (product, service, event, special)/Sales announcement Emails: Through this you can promote a product or service.

5. Educational Emails/Informational Emails: Through this you can share new content of your website (article or blog).

6. Email related to new items: You can tell your subscribers about the new incoming products as well as you can also ask their feedback.

7. Product Review Email: Product review emails are invitations to your customers to review the product(s) they purchased from you.

8. Order Status Emails: Through this you can inform your customers about their order status and it includes order confirmation, shipment confirmation, shipment tracking, and delivery confirmation.

Email marketing is powerful, and when you do it rightly, you can see great results.

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